Opinions Anonymous – An Origin Story

In February 2018, sitting 57 miles apart, two friends thought “Hey, wouldn’t having a podcast be a cool idea?”. So it was born – The Best Podcast You’ve Never Heard – because we were pretty sure we would be the best…and certain that no one would ever hear of us. It was perfect. Fast forward a brief 8 months and our team of 2 has grown to 8(ish) and we’ve learned a lot in the podcast world. What did we learn the most? Branding (and saying) The Best Podcast You’ve Never Heard 100 times is NOT easy. It’s too long and “TBPYNH” is pretty easily confused as “TPBYNH” “Tea-Bee-Pee-Why-In-ach” – look it’s just tough. Plus when you start a business plan with 2 people that grows to 8 – things change! So, fear not. The TBPYNH (see?) history is safe and none of that is going away. You’re really just going to know us by a slightly new name and severely better content!

What’s new? The biggest upgrade you’ll see is now…well, US! We have a new YouTube page as well as our Facebook page, Twitter page, and Instagram page. You thought you saw enough of us before?! Now imagine us taking over your lives!!  The other new thing is we now care about you!!  Thought we did before?  You were wrong.  We were selfish, but then we realized YOU’RE the ones that matter.  For Opinions Anonymous, we want YOUR opinions.  You will control the shows.  You will control the content.  If you want our opinion on women’s clothing, we will….try?  If you want us to talk about wrestling, we WILL do that for hours.  If you want to see us try to juggle chainsaws, we…probably won’t, but we will juggle something!

So welcome.  Welcome to Opinions Anonymous.   Where everyone has an opinion…ours are just better. *shrug emoji*

Take a moment to meet the team, look at our blogs, check out our Facebook page, Twitter page, Instagram page, and listen to us.  Plus, my favorite new feature, COMMENTING on our blogs.  We are all about your interaction and we can’t wait to hear your opinions.  So thank you for your support and buckle in for the craziest ride you’ll ever be on (no, not related to Kyle’s Money Shot) but while I’m mentioning it, check him out on YouTube here.

Let the opinions begin and whether you decide to stay anonymous or not, know that it WILL be discussed.

-OA Team

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