Nostalgia Toys Part 2

It’s tough for me not to mention the whirlwind it put me in when Kyle mentioned “Creepy Crawler Machine,” so much that it inspired this entire series of Nostalgia Toys. If you haven’t read the first installment, do that here. Now, it’s time for Part 2!

Part 2 of Nostalgia Toys may not be as popular to everyone, but it contains one of my earliest memories. Nostalgia Toys Part 2 is none other than 90s Batman Action Figures.

That’s right. Batman. The massively popular superhero was one of my first heroes too! I vividly remember one Christmas waking up and under my bed there was a present. It was a Batcave and it was the coolest freaking thing ever! I had probably 40 different variations of Batman. Then, of course, I had the Penguin, Riddler, and other villains as well for Batman to take down.

Some of the accessories were way ahead of their time. The big guy above had the actual thing Batman shoots through windows and propels himself to. For a 90’s toy, that was pretty freaking sweet. The capes, too. Holy shit the capes. They’d actually blow in the wind, just like Batman’s! They’d also go missing a lot, but that’s part of being a kid. I remember setting up Gotham in my kitchen and playing Batman for hours. Batman was my first real collectible action hero – but not my first action figures….stay tuned next week for the most unsurprising item on this Nostalgia list!

Were you a Batman fan? Have any super hero action figures? Drop down and let me know if we can be Bat-friends.