NCAA Football Season 1 Games 1-5

What in the world did you just read? Yes, that’s right. A couple weeks back, @kwallpe came by the house and I couldn’t find my PS3 and I couldn’t find my football game but low and behold, I found it! So I wanted to do this. What, Big Cat can do it but I can’t? Mine will be better. No offense, of course.

What did I do? Okay, here’s where I’m at. I wanted to start as an offensive coordinator and I wanted to do it for the worst school on the game. I almost went to Idaho – Overall 65, Offense 64, and Defense 67; however, then I stumbled across UTSA who Overall was a 63, Offense 66, and Defense 63. And they had a one year contract versus 3 at Idaho.

So I am the Offensive Coordinator for the University of Texas San Antonio Roadrunners. That’s right! Signed the contract. In this game, there are goals for your contract and job security. I started with a 41% job security – not great. Here are my 1 year goals:

  • Win 6 games in one season
  • 2400+ total offensive yards in one season
  • 5+ passing TD in one season
  • Win 4 games in one season
  • 1000+ passing yards in one season
  • 2000+ passing yards in one season
  • 3+ rushing TD in one season

You have the ability to make your own schedule but I just left theirs as is for this year. I jumped right in and I play on the hardest level (Heisman) so it gave me some “warm up” games

  1. vs. FCS Southeast
  2. vs. FCS West
  3. vs. FCS East
  4. vs. FCS Northwest
  5. @ New Mexico State
  6. BYE
  7. @ Rice
  8. vs. San Jose State
  9. vs. Utah State
  10. @ Louisana Tech
  11. vs. FCS Midwest
  12. @ Idaho
  13. vs. Texas State

Meet the Team:

QB Mike Coleman, number 8, RS JR. Star of the show.
HB Charles may, number 36, RS JR.
WR Steve McCollum, Number 9, JR
WR Shelton Collier, Number 1 RS SP (Sophomore)
WR Anthony Callahan, Number 84, RS SP (Sophomore)
WR Zach Mitchell, Number 12, JR

Let’s get to it!

Week 1 vs. FCS Southeast. Again, I was jumping in on the hardest difficulty so this was just a test to see how things went. FCS games are usually super easy. Being the OC, I was only playing offense and I control nothing on Defense or Special Teams. The FCS Southeast Cobras were fierce. Or at least their logo was. Coleman went 13/26 for a very average 50% completion, 250 yards, 3 TD and 2 INT. He was sacked 3 times. Now, I will tell you, my PS3 has some controller issues so one of those picks was BS – but I’m sure that will be a common theme. It glitches to where triangle is constantly pushed. It’s weird and takes several minutes to fix.

Charles May had 42 yards on 15 carries, 1 broken tackle and another erroneous controller fumble where he pitched the ball backwards without me pressing anything. But 2.8 YPC isn’t great.

I tried to paste WR numbers but it’s clunky so I’ll tell you Steven McCollum had 3 for 123 and 2 tuddies. Anthony Callahan also had a touch. 4 Drops on the day – a story we will follow all season – but those are the week 1 stats. A pedestrian 21-3 win for the UTSA Roadrunners in OC L. Mauer’s first game.

Week 2 vs. FCS West. A tough start in this game, early in the first quarter, star QB Mike Coleman scrambled and got tackled hard. He was down and out. An abdominal tear and out for 5 weeks. So Junior Anthony “Bush Man” Bush was forced to step in immediately. And boy did the Bush Man not disappoint. He just tossed 4 TDs with no INT on his way to a school record 303 yards.

Charles May rebounded with 72 yards on 21 carries, still a pedestrian 3.4 YPC but did notch his first TD. 4 different receivers caught TDs as Shelton Collier led the way with 107 yards. Overall, solid performance after the injury scare and UTSA wins 35-10 to improve to 2-0.

Week 3 vs. FCS East. Anthony Bush on his very first throw tossed a pick and would it rattle the Junior? Not really as he went on to go 17/34 for 363 yards (a new school record!) and 5 TDs with 3 picks. A lot of picks but that won’t slow down anytime soon (spoiler alert). Charles May getting 15 carries and 42 again, same as week 1 and the guy can’t break a run to save his life but he helps manage the game and the clock. Stevie McCollum had 3 for 105 and 2 TDs and Shelton Collier had 4 for 105 and a touch. Solid all around. This was a route.42-0. That’s 3-0 for the Roadrunners.

Week 4 vs. FCS Northwest. This was the first time all season that the UTSA Roadrunners trailed in a game. It was 7-0 FCS NW. But no fear. The Bush Man ended up tossing 3 TDs (3 INTs, also and was sacked 4 times) but that was enough. Charles May only had 7 carries (for 27 yards) but added a TD rushing and receiving as the Roadrunners won 28-7 to improve to 4-0. Quite the start for OC L. Mauer, but now the FCS games are done. It was this game that I figured out we have no kicker as we went for it from the 22. Not great.

Week 5 @ New Mexico State. This is the first conference game for UTSA and first road game. Boy could it have started better. In the first quarter, Bush had 3 picks and we were down 24-0. We were actually losing 38-0 in the 2nd quarter and I didn’t even have the controller to blame. Down 38-0, but then I scored. 38-7. Then again. 38-14. And again! 38-20…went for 2. Got it! 38-22. AGAIN! 38-29 but then NMSU got a quick TD. It was 44-29 with 1 minute left in the 3rd. 3 and out. Down 47-29 in the 4th and then down 50-43 with 1:14 left in the 4th. I dropped back (or Bush Man did), strip sack for a TD. That was the dagger. I scored again but lost 57-50 in such a wild game. Down 38-0 it felt good to come back but I couldn’t finish the job and the turnovers have to stop.

Anthony Bush went 19/40 for 592 yards (NEW SCHOOL RECORD!), 6 (SIX) TDs, 4 INTs, sacked 3 times. Charles May only rushed 3 times for 1 yard and a TD – but tough to get the ground game going when you’re down 38-0. The receivers obviously had a big day with Shelton Collier, E. Clark, and Anthony Callahan all going over 100 (164, 194, and 126 respectively and a combined 3 TDs. Steven McCollum added on 2 TDs but the group, as a whole, had 4 big drops. Through 5 games, the receivers have 14 drops. Not the best.

Steven McCollum has 13 catches for 8 TDs on the year, leading the team. Shelton Collier has 19 for 490 and 4. E. Clark has 13 for 397 and 3. Anthony Callahan leads the team with 4 drops and L. Hawthorne has 4 as well. Charles May has 61 rushes on the year for 184 yards, 4 TDs but the 3 YPC is a struggle for the offense. The backup QB is holding his own and there’s one more game before Mike Coleman is healthy again. What do I do? Can I beat a team other than the FCS schools who are garbage? UTSA is 4-1, stay tuned to see what happens the rest of the season.