NBA Draft Recap

The NBA draft was last night and as any real basketball fan knows the two most exciting times in the NBA are: 1. The draft and 2. The trade deadline. Followed up by 3. Anytime one player talks trash about another player 4. Anytime a player tweets cryptic emojis, and in a distant 5. The NBA finals (or any game for that matter) See what makes the NBA great is all of the drama that comes from having these multimillion dollar athletes act like they’re in the movie Mean Girls (side note: great blog idea – NBA players as characters in Mean Girls)

Unfortunately, we still live in a time where men would get shamed for watching shows like The Bachelorette, Desperate Housewives, or Pretty Little Liars so we have to get our drama satisfaction from NBA players having burner twitter accounts and talking shit about their teammates and coaches all under the guise of “basketball”. So ladies, the next time your man is ignoring you to watch a basketball game just know he’s probably texting his boys about “how ugly Steph’s shoes are” or “What is going on with JaVale’s hair”. So you see, us men and women are more alike than we are different. We all love two things: Talking shit about other people and boobs, I mean c‘mon, everyone loves boobs.

But anyway if you wanted some actual thoughts on the players who were drafted here ya go:

The half man half mythical beast Zion Williamson went #1 no surprise to anyone. This kid ain’t human, he’s 290 pounds and has a 40 inch vertical. For comparison I am 290 pounds and have a 4 inch vertical. [not the only I’ve got that’s 4 inches, sup ladies? ;)] Zion is what it would look like if Superman said “fuck it” to saving the world and just wanted to play basketball.

The Pacers drafted a guy from Georgia, but not the state of Georgia, the country of Georgia. If you’re like me and are ignorant about the rest of the world and had no fucking clue where that was check out this handy dandy map.

His name is Goga Bitadze and I know next to nothing about this guy, hopefully he does some real good stuff.

Brad Stevens continues to be a full-blown Indiana guy as the Celtics draft Romeo Langford from IU and Carsen Edwards from Purdue. Now I’m a noted Purdue Alum and fan, but I think Langford will have a good professional career. He was great at getting to the hoop and finishing and with the floor being more spread out that will give him open lanes to get to the hoop. And I’m sure that Romeo’s shot will get better now that he can learn from the best shooter in college basketball, Carsen Edwards as his teammate because his old coach Archie Miller sure has no idea how to teach kids how to shoot the basketball (IU shot 31% from 3 last year and Romeo shot 27%, yikes)

Have any thoughts about the draft? Love or hate what your team did? Leave it in the comments below.