Luke’s Movie….Gaffes

Did you guys hear that in the latest episode of the overly super (wrongly) popular GAME OF THRONES, a series set in 299 AC (fact check me), featured a STARBUCKS CUP in it’s latest episode?

A pumpkin spice latte, please

So I thought we should look at some of the more famous movie/tv show gaffes in history. Let’s start with a couple of my favorites.

Hitch – Hitch is such an underrated movie! It’s great! But there is the food allergy that Will Smith suffers that appears to switch sides of his face. Or his shirt ripping off of him completely, then being dry cleaned and returned? Come on guys!

Armageddon – the obvious one that I, of course, noticed the first time I watched was that these events start on a Friday and they say that the asteroid will hit in 18 days, which would be a Tuesday. The shuttle is launched on a Tuesday evening at 6:30pm. It takes about an hour (67min) to get to MIR, 60 hours to get to the moon, 12 min slingshot, 8 hours on the asteroid and about 4 hours (3:57) to earth after zero barrier. This timeline projects the asteroid hitting earth Friday evening around 8pm. That’s just sloppy.

Crocodile Dundee – nothing. This movie is flawless.

How about the fake baby in American Sniper?

the only time having kids isn’t that bad

The Proposal – Ryan Reynolds falls in love with Sandra Bullock and not me. MAJOR FLAW.

Star Wars – a stormtrooper smokes his head on the ceiling. Maybe less of a gaffe and more of a kudos to this guy.


And lastly – just an incredible gaffe. In Back to the Future Part III – the tiny boy in the background who just keeps pointing at his crotch. You do you, kid.

hey girls, look at this

Okay, Game of Thrones – happens to the best of us. What other gaffes are some of your favorites? Drop down in the comments and let us know!

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