Kyle’s Money Shot – College Football Week 1

Hello Everyone! 

Was that a fun “first” week of college football or what? I had a lot of fun getting back to my degenerate ways of throwing money around and finding random dark web websites to stream games. Let’s take a quick look back on it and then hop right into week 1 games (I’m glad that moving forward we won’t have to deal with this week 0 nonsense, how can you have a week 0?)

To sum it up quickly, it was a hell of a first week! If we bat 80% the whole season I think I’ll have to quit my job and do this full time. Also good when we can get the Money Shot off to a good start on the season! On a side note if you would like to sponsor Kyle’s Money Shot the DMs are always open! (Looking at you PornHub) 

There were a few things that happened during week 0 that we may want to keep our eye on as the season progresses:

  • Will UCONN continue to have a football team and can they score a point?
  • Will Scott Frost continue to be the laughing stock of the Big Ten?
  • Just how much money can we make by betting against UCONN and Scott Frost this season?

Now let’s dive into our first full weekend of College Football! (It’s ok if you got a little turned on reading that, I know I did)

Thursday – Ohio State @ Minnesota (+14.5)

Big Bad Ohio State looks to continue their domination of the Big Ten, and while they have plenty of returning talent, they lost a lot last year. Will Ohio State be awesome this year? Absolutely, they always are, but with this many new faces I’m hoping it will take them a game or two to get rolling. Minnesota returns 20 of 22 starters from last year including a very experienced offensive line and a good running back in Mohamed Ibrahim. I’m thinking that this will enable them to control the ball and eat up enough clock to keep it close. Plus, have you ever been to Minnesota? They love two things there: 1. Beer 2. Fried Cheese. This offensive line will be full of Burly Big Ugly’s who have been having their fill of those two things and will be ready to run the ball. Ohio State wins, but I’m taking Minnesota +14.5.

Friday – North Carolina @ Virginia Tech (+6)

Virginia Tech had a pretty disappointing 2020 season and I’ve got no real reason to assume 2021 will be much better. North Carolina on the other hand returns its entire offensive line and a preseason Heisman candidate in QB Sam Howell. North Carolina -6

Friday – Michigan State @ Northwestern

This is one of those games that, when I see it on the schedule, just screams old school, grind it out, Big Ten Football with a 17-10 final score. I have no idea if the numbers support this feeling, and I will not be hearing any of your arguments if it does not. There are like 5 games a year where it’s acceptable to take the under and Michigan State/Northwestern is one of them. Under 44.5

Saturday – Stanford @ Kansas State (-3)

This game just happens to be a perfect storm of so many gambling/football adages that I couldn’t stay away from it. 

Adage 1 – Those noon eastern start times can give west coast teams trouble. 

Stanford is a west coast team and this game starts at noon eastern ✔

Adage 2 – If you’ve got 2 quarterbacks, you’ve got no quarterback.

Stanford plans on playing 2 quarterbacks during this game ✔

Adage 3 – You can’t teach experience

Kansas State’s QB Skylar Thompson is a 5th year senior with over 30 starts ✔

As you can see my hands are tied on this one, I simply have to take Kansas State -3

Saturday – West Virginia @ Maryland (+2.5)

If you’re anything like me and your brain takes about 3-5 years to adjust to sports teams changing styles, this next line will shock you – West Virginia had one of the best defenses in the country in 2020. I know, that doesn’t sound right, because if we did word association and you said “ West Virginia Football” My brain always goes to offense. But things are changing at WVU and they are a defensive minded football team. As long as the offense doesn’t turn the ball over and get too fast and loose (which they might) I like those crazy couch burning fools in Morgantown to get this one.

Also if you need another reason to pick West Virginia, put on the song Take Me Home, Country Roads and let the sweet, soothing voice of the one and only John Denver make love to your ears and that should convince you to back the Mountaineers. West Virginia -2.5

Saturday – BYU @ Arizonia (+12.5)

This game is actually being played on a neutral site in Las Vegas not at Arizona. And my sources are telling me that BYU surprisingly has a large fan base in Vegas. I guess that makes sense, if your religion outlaws drinking and smoking the only natural vice left is gambling! If that is the case, I would like to extend an invitation to the Morman Religion to hop on the Money Shot wagon! We’ll take all the degenerates we can get! Arizona went winless in 2020 and has a new coach who is making his first start ever at head coach. Let’s lay the points with BYU -12.5

Sunday – Notre Dame @ Florida State (+7.5)

That’s right folks, with the NFL not starting for another week, we even get some College Football on Sunday this week! This is a game that features a lot of question marks from both teams, but I’m going to back the team that has found itself an identity in the last few seasons and that is Notre Dame. Brian Kelly has found an identity with his Notre Dame teams of having hulking offensive lines that control the line and scrimmage and control the game. While people love to pile on and make fun of Notre Dame for always getting waxed in the Playoffs (myself included), Florida State is far from a playoff team and Notre Dame should handle them easily. Notre Dame -7.5

Now it’s time to get down to it, that one moment of bliss that gets everyone going! It’s time for the Money Shot!

**Saturday – LSU @ UCLA (+2.5)**

Night Game, Rose Bowl, A couple of teams whose names are just capitalized letter acronyms. What more could you want? If you scroll up a little bit, you’ll see the one game we lost last week was a game involving UCLA, they kicked the shit out of our little beloved Rainbow Warriors in a game that was never close. I think because of that this line is a little inflated towards UCLA. LSU is coming off a 2020 season that I’m sure they would like a do-over on, but Coach Ed Ogeron’s tigers won’t stay down for long, they made a lot of coaching changes in the offseason to try to get back to the type of football they were playing during their 2019 National Championship run. Personally I’m a huge Coach O fan and if you’re unfamiliar just check out this compilation of him saying “Geaux Tigers” and I’m sure you will be a fan as well. LSU just has more weapons than UCLA will be able to stop. Geaux Tigers! LSU -2.5

Thanks again for reading everyone! As always, tweet at me or DM me with any comments, criticisms, or locks you have!

Whether you are fading or following, Let’s Get Rich! Have a great Labor Day Weekend! Love you guys!