Fantasy Football 2021

FOOTBALL SEASON HAS ARRIVED! We are finally here. We made it. Let’s rejoice my friends! And with Football Season, we also have Fantasy Football Season. I am, as you may know, historically very bad at fantasy football because of my weird requirements.

1.) I will not roster any Steelers, Ravens, Browns, or Colts
2.) I will not play any players against the Bengals

So any given week, I have 28 teams available where everyone else has 32 – it’s a disadvantage, sure. But Bengals > Fantasy every time.

But, this year, I decided I will keep you up to date with my fantasy teams and let you know what they look like! I don’t know, maybe it will be fun. So here’s what we’re doing. I’m in 3 leagues (gross) but I’ve been in two of them for some time and I decided to start a dynasty league because I think it will be fun. It’s in testing mode currently.

I’m finished with all of my drafts now and here are my rosters below:

Some observations:
1.) Leonard Fournette is on every one of my teams?
2.) Jameis Winston is on two of my benches
3.) I only have one Bengal (BDJ)
3b.) Zero Steelers, Ravens, Browns, or Colts if you’re keeping track
4.) Harrison Butker is my only kicker
5.) I might do really okay this year?

I don’t know – what do you think? Currently I’m projected to go 2-1 which would be a win in my books. I’m going to keep you posted as the year progresses. Who did you draft this year? What do you think of my team? Let me know down below and most importantly, welcome back to FOOTBALL!

**Also, I will take suggestions from any fans who take the time to comment. I could honestly let the Dynasty team be a fan team and if you think I should start someone else, I will listen. Maybe prizes for good decisions!**