Hey there degenerate internet friends! Welcome back for another week of irresponsibly betting on football games! Here’s a quick recap of last week:

Now let’s stop wasting time and get right into this week!

Thursday – Jets @ Colts (-10.5)

The God Damn Jets are coming off a huge upset over the Bengals and the Colts are coming off a disappointing loss to the Titans. Is Mike White the guy for the Jets? This will be a huge game to see. This feels like a game where the Colts win by 10, I don’t think it’ll be real close, but the combination of the Colts defense having more holes than Camp Green Lake and the Jets doing something silly will keep it within 10. Jets +10.5

Thursday – Georgia State @ Lafayette (-13.5)

Our Beloved Ragin Cajuns are back! And more importantly they are back home where they have been just absolutely beating the brakes off of teams. ULL has won its last 3 home games by at least 28 points including a 41-13 win over Appalachian State. Plus, just for a little added fun, this game is a “blackout” game for the home crowd, and those of you who know me know that I am a huge fan of a good blackout! Lafayette -13.5

Saturday – Wake Forest @ North Carolina (-2.5)

I have no fucking clue what Wake Forest needs to do to get some respect, but they are undefeated and ranked 10th getting 2.5 points. I’ll take that 7 days a week and twice on Sunday. Wake Forest +2.5

Saturday – Army @ Air Force

This is one of those “I don’t care what the number is I’m going to bet it games” NBA Christmas Day Unders, Maui Invitational Unders, and Service Academy Unders. This game is also great because with both teams running the triple option it should be done in about an hour and 45 minutes so you can focus on other games on the slate! Can’t wait to sweat this one out while honoring the troops. Under 37

Sunday – Browns @ Bengals (-2.5)

I know Cousin Luke has had a shitty week thinking about that Bengals Jets game so we won’t talk about it here. This is a nice bounce back spot for the Bengals with an even better number. Cincinnati is 2-0 SU and 2-0 ATS this season after a loss, not to mention Joe Burrow is 7-1 ATS in his NFL career following a loss as well. As for Cleveland? The Browns are 0-9 ATS in its last nine regular season games vs. AFC North opponents, go win on for Cousin Luke! Bengals -2.5

Sunday – Vikings @ Ravens (-6)

The Ravens are 9-4 ATS out of a bye under Harbaugh and should get a few key injured guys back. But honestly I could sit here and ramble off all sorts of stats but the most important thing to remember for this game is that Kirk Cousin just flat out stinks. Sometimes his stats will trick you into believing that he doesn’t stink, but don’t be fooled, he STINKS! Ravens -6

Sunday – Titans @ Rams (-7.5)

Derrick Henry being just gives me a real bad feeling about the Titans, they already can’t stop anyone and without Henry I feel like Ryan Tannehill will regress like the incredible Hulk turning back into Bruce Banner. The Rams made their good defense even better with the addition of Von Miller so I’ll take the Rams -7.5

Sunday – Bears @ Steeler (-6)

Here’s a fun little nugget for ya – The Steelers have been favored three times this season and failed to cover each time. Couple that with the fact that I’m starting to get dumb enough to believe in Justin Fields and that adds up to me taking the Bears +6

Enough with all that, time to give the people what they want. The Money shot!

**Sunday – Michigan State @ Purdue (+3)**

This pains me so much, but I Love Michigan state -3 here. For whatever strange reason Purdue’s offense is just real real bad at home. I’ve witnessed it firsthand and it’s not pleasant. Michigan State feels like a team that just finds a way after getting a huge comeback win against Michigan and teams that just find a way are some of the scariest. Maybe the Money Shot Mush will infect Michigan State and they will lose since I’m making it the lock, crazier things have happened! But what the hell, if Purdue is playing a top 5 team again I feel like I have to wager another piece of furniture so what do you say, if Purdue does win we burn a recliner? Michigan State -3

As always, thanks for making it all the way through the blog, we should probably start some sort of “clean plate club” and reward all the loyal readers who make it all the way to the end, we’ll get our top-notch customer appreciation team right on that. And don’t forget to comment, tweet at me, or DM me with any comments, criticisms, or locks you have!

Whether you are fading or following, Let’s Get Rich! Love you guys!