CFB Playoff Committee Strikes Again!

Yesterday dawned the first CFB Playoff rankings for the 2021 season. It always comes with controversy. But this year, it just came with stupidity. Utter stupidity. Put your coffee down and hear me out.

  1. Georgia (8-0)
  2. Alabama (7-1)
  3. Michigan State (8-0)
  4. Oregon (7-1)

Let’s go further.

5. Ohio State (7-1)
6. Cincinnati (8-0)
7. Michigan (7-1)
8. Oklahoma (9-0)
9. Wake Forest (8-0)
10. Notre Dame (7-1)

There are 5 unbeaten teams – wouldn’t it make sense if a subset were the best 4 teams? Maybe, maybe not. The AP poll reads a little different. See below:

  1. Georgia (8-0)
  2. Cincinnati (8-0)
  3. Alabama (7-1)
  4. Oklahoma (9-0)
  5. Michigan State (8-0)
  6. Ohio State (7-1)
  7. Oregon (7-1)
  8. Notre Dame (7-1)
  9. Michigan (7-1)
  10. Wake Forest (8-0)

So, tell me, why the fuck do we have an AP poll? It’s closer. It’s not perfect. But it’s not putting 1, 3, 5, and 7 in the playoffs? This is a ridiculous moniker from the CFB that happens every year. It’s about money. It’s about names.

Let’s look at the field. Want to know who number 4 Oregon lost to? Stanford. Stanford is 6th in the (horrible) PAC-12 at 3-5 (2-4). That’s good enough for last in the PAC-12 North. Want to know who number 2 Alabama lost to? Texas A&M. Okay, valid. They’re ranked. But want to know who they’ve lost to? Mississippi State who is 5-3 (3-2) at home and Arkansas who is 1-3 in the SEC. That’s their only win.

But, Luke, Cincinnati doesn’t have a good schedule. Their strength of schedule is 100. That’s not great, agreed. But they’ve won all of their games? Is it their fault they scheduled an IU team that went 6-1 last year (and was a TD away from 7-0 and some bullshit away from winning the Big 10) and IU happens to suck this year? Not really. They were preseason top 15. Cincinnati scheduled Notre Dame and won on the road in a game that wasn’t even really close. Michigan State has a SOS of 50. Ohio State’s is 74. SOS of 74 and 100 isn’t MILES apart but no one will ever say Ohio State has an easy schedule. Why? Because they’re fucking Ohio State. Speaking of Ohio State; the only reason Oregon is in the CFB playoff is because they won at Ohio State. Oregon isn’t good, otherwise.

But Luke, Cincinnati would get BLOWN OUT in the playoffs. Oh, good point. Let’s make sure that’s never happened. In 2015, Oregon beat Florida State by 39 and Ohio State beat Oregon by 22. In 2016, Clemson beat Oklahoma by 20 and Alabama beat Michigan State by 38. In 2017, Alabama beat Washington by 17 and Clemson beat Ohio State by 31. In 2018, the closest year ever, Alabama beat Clemson by 18. In 2019, Clemson beat Notre Dame by 27 and Clemson beat Alabama by 28. In 2020, LSU beat Oklahoma by 35 points (is Joe Burrow any good?). Just last year, Alabama beat Notre Dame by 17, Ohio State beat Clemson by 21, and Alabama then beat Ohio State by 28. I’d hate to see Cincinnati get blown out. What a travesty!

But Luke, Cincinnati can’t hang with the good teams. Okay, valid. Again, 8-0 this year. Did I mention last year they went 9-0 last year getting them a number 8 ranking where they went on to the Peach Bowl to get DESTROYED by the number 1 team in the nation this year, Georgia. They lost by 3. After Georgia scored 14 unanswered in the 4th.

Cincinnati returned 14 starters after barely losing to Georgia. It’s going to be tough to argue they can’t hang. And if they can’t, okay? I’m wrong. Or I’m not? Read that paragraph above again. How many of those teams couldn’t hang? What the fuck will everyone do if Cincinnati DOES win? Then what? Someone had a bad game? They shouldn’t have been there? Please give me that narrative.

So, Luke, what’s next? Well, to be fair, it gets really interesting.

-Georgia’s remaining games are Missouri, Tennessee, Charleston So (damn, tough game!), and Georgia Tech before, seemingly, playing Alabama again in the conference championship.
-Alabama plays LSU, NM State, Arkansas, then @ Auburn before the conference championship. I heard someone say if Alabama beats Georgia, they both get in easily. Let’s see how many one loss teams we can get in! What if Georgia beats Alabama? Are we putting 2 loss Alabama in? Probably with these idiots.
-Michigan State plays Purdue, Maryland, Ohio State, and Penn State. So either MSU or OSU have to lose again, right? Then what?
-Oregon plays Washington, Washington State, Utah, and Oregon State.

I guess for Cincinnati to get in, we will need those 4 teams to lose out and Ohio State’s team to die, probably, right? There are 5 unbeatens right now. If there are 4 at the end of the year, let them play! They play the schedules in front of them. That’s all they can do.

There were 13 new members in the CFB Committee this year and all 13 of them suck. Let’s have Tyler’s dog Piper pick the freaking teams. It won’t be that far off. Am I biased to Cincinnati? Maybe. But how is Oklahoma feeling? How is Wake Forest feeling? Alabama fans are probably disgusted that they’re 2 instead of 1. The CFB Playoffs are a joke. Expand the stupid tournament or just say let’s have the SEC play. Want to know something fun? Most of those SEC players suck in the NFL. Okay, that’s a different blog for another day. For today, I hate college football and I hate the 13 idiots who get to make decisions. Sound off below.