Howdy Gang! Hope everyone has had a great week so far and it continues into a wonderful weekend. Our Fearless Leader Cousin Luke is having a get together on Saturday and I am pretty excited to drink all of his booze! Let’s take a real quick look back at last week’s record.

On the surface that looks like a shitty week, and for the most part it was! But we did Money Shot Mush our way into Purdue pulling off another HUGE Top 5 upset so it all worked out in the end! Also, I know I owe all of you one (1) recliner burning video before this Saturday’s game so be on the lookout for that! But enough about My Boilermakers. Let’s move into this week! Actually, wait, one more thing, I would like to give myself a pat on the back for being a good sport and not once this season mentioning in a blog the absolute dogshit season IU has been having. Most Purdue fans would be mentioning every week about how the most anticipated season in IU football history has turned into an absolute catastrophic dumpster fire that had fans in the preseason saying they would compete for a Big Ten Title, to not even having ONE BIG TEN WIN! So yeah, shoutout to me for being a classy Purdue fan and not even one time dropping an “IU SUCKS” in a blog, even if they do. Ok! On to this week!

Thursday – Ravens @ Dolphins

I don’t think I could name you a single player on the Dolphins, I don’t know if that says more about the Dolphins or more about me, but either way I can’t bet on them so let’s go Ravens! Ravens -8

Saturday – Michigan @ Penn State

While it’s somewhat terrifying to trust Michigan as a road favorite in any game, it’s even more terrifying to trust this Penn State offense. Penn State wouldn’t be able to run the ball against a team full of Hellen Kellers, and that’s going to ruin its ability to slow down an excellent Michigan pass rush. Give me Michigan -1.5

Saturday – Oklahoma @ Baylor

Fuck yeah! Big 12 Offenses! Points! There’s just nothing like two top Big 12 offenses going against each other, it really does get me excited, and I just can’t help myself! Fuck Oklahoma for wanting to move to the SEC and ruining this for us in future years. Over 63

Saturday – Notre Dame @ Virginia

I think at times, because things happen so fast in college football, we forget that Notre Dame only has one loss on the season. The Irish have played extremely well since their loss to Cincinnati and come into this game playing much better on offense. When combining that with their stellar defense, I find it hard to see Virginia having any level of consistency to cover this point spread. Notre Dame -5.5

Sunday – Saints @ Titans

Fun Fact Time! Tennessee hits 75% on Unders at home and the Saints hit 75% on Unders on the road, I’m a numbers guy. Under 44

Sunday – Seahawks @ Packers

Russell Wilson return game, Aaron Rodgers questionable and also a crazy person? I expect big things from Russ in his return so I’ll take the Seahawks +3.5

Now gather ’round everyone! But not too close unless you’ve got your safety glasses on! Its time for the Money Shot!

**Saturday – Purdue @ Ohio State**

If you have been following along all season, you know, I am losing furniture at an alarming rate thanks to my beloved Boilermakers! I am spending entirely too much money on new furniture because Purdue keeps beating top 5 teams, so this time I’m going to bet on Purdue so when they do pull of another win, and I need a new couch (yep, this top 5 game is a couch wager game folks) I at least have some cash to help me pay for it. Purdue +20

That’s all I got folks! If you are interested in attending a recliner burning or a future couch burning just go ahead and reach out! And don’t forget to comment, tweet at me, or DM me with any comments, criticisms, or locks you have!

Whether you are fading or following, Let’s Get Rich! Love you guys!