Kyle’s Money Shot 12/4 – 12/10

Howdy everyone. Welcome back again! It’s another week and I’m still not out of money so let’s keep betting! I had another solid week last week , and hopefully we can keep it rolling!

Do you see that overall record? I’m 30 games above .500! (Not to mention the Money Shot being 8-2) [9-2 now!!] So naturally, I’m starting to get a little cocky, I’m deciding to up my betting units (I’m not going to put it out here for the world but if you ask I’ll tell you) which almost certainly means I will start losing all of my bets (I immediately lost my first two bets this week. Start betting against me if you want to win) but as long as it gets page views I think I owe to all you loyal fans to do so.

On Tuesday there are a couple of Big Ten basketball games I’ll throw some money on. I feel like half of iu’s team is hurt right now. I think my roommate thinks they are going to call him up to play in the next game and I don’t disagree. Go make me proud @Zach. so I’ll take Penn State -2.5 at home. (Juwan Morgan was not hurt so iu won and Zach didn’t get any playing time. Also Penn State missed 15 free throws – have I mentioned how much it blows my mind that college kids can’t shoot free throws anymore?) Also I got this text from my mother (Shes an iu fan)

At least she’s following along (Love you mama)

Then in the late game Michigan might be the hottest team in the country right now so why not try to ride them while they are hot? Everyone loves riding hot things right? (Did you think I wouldn’t be making sex jokes? I mean the segment is called Kyle’s Money Shot) [Michigan won, but did not cover so it might as well be a loss]

Wednesday is more of the same, its college basketball SZN! I’m going to get in on my first West Coast After Dark game with Washington @ Gonzaga. Tip-off is 11PM, so please pray for my sleep deprived body on Thursday. (I am undefeated in games that start after 10PM)

Also great heads up by our fearless leader Luke. He texted me to take Duke live and like any good employee, I listened to my boss and it worked out for us!

As is tradition, we’re betting the Thursday Night Over (WINNER)

The Money Shot this week is a Late Night West Coast Game, a battle of two undefeated teams. And I’m going to take the underdog Arizona State at home! They have a player named Remy Martin, just like the Booze. 1738! RIP Fetty Wap, he’s not actually dead but I just haven’t heard any of his songs in like 3 years. (BIG WINNER, THE MONEY SHOT CAN NOT BE STOPPED. Also, I am now undefeated [2-0] in games that start after 10PM. I just do my best work after dark 😉 )

Only one college football game on Saturday. Army vs. Navy. Shout-out to the Troops. I’m going to side with the underdog Navy! Hopefully somehow this game ends up being played on the water, then I’m pretty sure Navy will dominate. Also, why isn’t Navy’s home field just the Ocean. (They should look into this, my bet was push but in gambling, if you don’t lose, its a win!) Just like Purdue’s home field should be the moon – but that’s another argument for another blog. 

YUGE Sunday –  we have NFL, we have College Basketball, so let’s get after it!

The NFL’s most interesting game for me is Atlanta at Green Bay. Green Bay has been a dumpster fire, they just fired their head coach, so I’m taking the Falcons+5 even if they haven’t shown that they are good either. Could just end up being two not good teams but I bet on it so I will be watching.

In college basketball there is a big time match-up between #1 Gonzaga and #7 Tennessee. I’m very excited to watch this game and because I’m watching it, I might as well bet on it. Gonzaga is undefeated and is looking very good, but Tennessee is no joke. Tennessee is very physical and will make it a very uncomfortable for the Zags. I don’t know if Tennessee will win, but I bet they keep it close. Tennessee+3.5. Also Tennessee has a player named Admiral Schofield and their fight song is Rocky Top. I’m not going to bet against that!

I have another classic “Emotional Hedge” bet with Purdue at Texas. I’m betting on Texas so if Texas wins, I win money. And if Purdue wins, I’m happy that they won. It’s a Win-Win.

 The Sunday Night Football Game should be a good one with Mitch Trubisky coming back for the Bears. I still think the Rams will be too much, but that certainly makes the game more intriguing. 

Check back in throughout the week and leave a comment! Hell why not check out the rest of the website too. Luke has been blogging his ass off and I think Adam is finally figuring out how computers work so even he’s trying too! Love you guys! Let’s Get Rich!