Weird News Wednesday 10/31

Shuttered amusement park auctions off its rides

If this isn’t already, it definitely will become the plot of a Disney movie, right? Something where all the amusement park rides have personalities and then they get separated when the park has to shut down, but then despite the odds, they find their way back together and are happy again. Call it “Amused”, you’re welcome Disney. But this does beg the question, “Which amusement park ride would be the coolest to have at your house?” I think I would have to go with the Ferris wheel. You could always go for a nice relaxing ride, and what better way to get away from people than to go 100 feet up the air?

Human chain helps British book store movedown the street

Every now and then it’s nice to see humans helping other humans. This is just some good old fashioned hard work and kindness. It’s so nice and loving that it almost makes me feel uncomfortable.It’s no surprise that this happened in the UK because if a book store in the USA needed help moving it would most certainly be met with people saying “Books? No thanks, I’ll just wait for the movie.” (Check out Luke’s Movie Reviews)

Vlogger drops iPhone in nuclear plantcooling tower

Watching this video about gave me a seizure, but even with that I think this fella right here is a crazy man. But then again, if dropping his phone through an abandoned nuclear power plant gets him more views on the internet – then I respect the hell out of his hustle. I would consider giving my left nut if it meant this blog/podcast/youtube/place where I can rant about my personal thoughts got enough views to generate some income (I’m just not entirely sure how to monetize me losing a testicle, but when I do you guys will be the first to know.) But I do have a couple of suggestions for his next video. 1. Drop his phone into a currently active nuclear power plant 2. Add some Kenny Loggins music to the background – that shit makes anything exciting. 3. Change his phone to one of these bad boys:

This combination would either make a crater so big we’d have a new Grand Canyon, or spawn some sort superhuman that would save the planet – either way, let’s make it happen