I Got A Pedicure, And It Was Awesome

Yes, you read that title correctly. My name is Kyle Wallpe, and I got a pedicure, and it was awesome!

Fellas, it’s about time we get rid of the stigma that surrounds these “girly”cosmetic procedures. I bet if you’re reading this you are either: 1. Taking a dump. Or 2. Lounging on the couch. Either way, I want you to do me a favor –take a good look at your feet – are they a little rough around the edges? Do you have some gunk under your nails? A little toe jam between them? And let me guess, do they smell a little funky? I know this because that’s exactly how my feet were too!

It’s ok to be a little self-conscious about doing this, I was worried before I went in as well. I mean, no decent guy wants to shove his smelly old feet into the face of some poor unsuspecting woman. I was so nervous about just whipping my feet out in front of a stranger. What if she saw them and just gasped?Or made a weird face? Or threw up? But guess what? She handled it like a pro,because that’s what these people are – professionals.

So after I got over my fear and put myself out there, well, mainly just my feet, I put my feet out there. And I gotta tell ya. It was pretty relaxing.You start off by putting your feet in a bath of hot water and some wild orange solution (I assume that’s to get rid of the smell, veteran move on their part).Actually, first off, they have wine at these things! I went at 11am. Did they care? Hell No! They had the wine flowing. Can you really hate anything that encourages you to drink before noon? No. Then, they give your toenails a nice little trim. Nothing wrong with making your toes look presentable. Then they do one of the least “girly” things ever. They take what is essentially 80 grit sandpaper and just get to smoothing and polishing those rough patches on your heels and toes. Full transparency, I’m quite ticklish, so this entire process I’m trying not to giggle. But, it’s very relaxing and therapeutic. And honestly, my feet were so smooth I thought about putting a nice coat of stain & seal on them! Then after all that, they give you a nice little foot massage. I’m not sure of all the technical names for the lotions and scrubs they use, but my feet looked pretty damn good afterwards, probably the cleanest they have ever been!

So why not guys? I think we should start making this a thing. Need a good place to reconnect with the boys? Drink some booze while getting your feet cleaned. And I would be willing to bet, ladies will probably like that you’re putting a little effort into your hygiene. If you’re talking to a woman and she thinks it’s weird that you got a pedicure that means that you’re just too good for her! You do you, King. Slay.

Don’t be afraid, go try something new, and I bet you’ll enjoy it. Go get one and tell us what you think in the comments.

Also, shout out to my co-worker and friend Jill, for talking me into this. Treat Yo-self.

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