College Football Playoff

The fourth annual college football playoff field was announced this past Sunday and the results were per the usual.  Three great teams got in and then about 19 got screwed out of the final spot.  So, what do we do?  How do we fix the NCAA Playoff Picture?  Fear not.  Joe, Kyle, and myself debated this in full length.  Who was right?  Who was irrational?  Who got mad?  Take a listen for yourself.

Now after you’ve listened and fully formed your opinion – drop down in the comments and tell us why we are wrong.  Tell us why you are right.  And continue reading to find out why I’m RIGHT.

College football.  129 Teams.  10 conferences (and 1 Independent).  How do we fix this disaster?  We give EVERYONE a chance to get in.  That’s the biggest complaint.  Only a handful of teams can even make the playoffs.  Don’t believe me?  Ask UCF.  They’ve gone undefeated 2 years in a row and haven’t even sniffed the playoffs.  Is this an issue?  I certainly think so.  How do we fix it?  Simple.

The playoff field expands to 12.  To get in, you must win your conference.  (Let’s say for argument’s sake, Notre Dame and the other Independents have to join a conference).  10 teams are in.  Let’s look at the field for 2019 in my scenario:

American Athletic – UCF
ACC – Clemson
Big 12 – Oklahoma
Big 10 – Ohio State
Conference USA – Middle Tennessee State
Mid-American – Northern Illinois
Mountain West – Fresno State
Pac-12 – Washington
SEC – Alabama
Sun Belt – Appalachian State
At Large 1 – Notre Dame (by proxy of Independent this year and being undefeated)
At Large 2 – Georgia (highest ranking left)

So think about who is complaining this year.  Ohio State (shocking) – you’re in.  Georgia – 2 loss team, but both to Alabama, okay – you’re in.  UCF – undefeated and you’re in.  Who missed in my new (better) format?  Michigan.  You lost twice.  BUT IT WAS NOTRE DAME AND OHIO STATE WHO BOTH MADE IT!!  I get it.  Don’t make me get rid of the at large because then I’m just going to say win your damn conference and you’re in.  It’s easy.  I’m giving a small break for Notre Dame this year and for an at large team because I think 12 works better than 10.  So what does the bracket look like?

After you have 12 teams, you strictly go by rating.  The number 1 team is number 1.  The highest (lowest) rated team will be 12.  I imagine this year looking something like the below:

So now what?  We get to see if the winner of Middle Tenn/Northern Ill can hang with Alabama.  We get to see if UCF can trounce Washington and then destroy ND on it’s way to a National Title.  Or maybe they lose and I shut up for a minute.  Regardless, we get some excitement in giving other teams a chance.

My two final thoughts.  If Alabama plays these 11 teams on their schedule, they would lose a game.  I’d bet my house on it (you can take that bet on Kyle’s Best Bets).  Also, my strongest argument.  If UCF had Nick Saban as their head coach and the same schedule they had this year, they would be in the top 4 and in the playoffs because “Nick Saban.”  Unpopular opinion?  Maybe.  But remember, everyone has an opinion, ours are just better!  Disagree so strongly you want to throat punch me?  Drop down below and let me know why!

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