Kyle’s Money Shot – CFB Week 4/NFL Week 3

Howdy everyone! hope you all had a great week and are back and ready for more! Here’s a recap of last week:

Might as well get this out there – I suck at gambling, from this point forward you should all start betting against me and just get filthy rich. I will not be offended one bit if betting against me makes you all money, just buy me a beer the next time you see me to celebrate you being rich and me being the worst gambler of all time. I am here to entertain and to make the people money, so here are my picks that you should fade:

Thursday – Panthers @ Texans (+8)

This is mostly about the Texans having so many players hurt that I’m half tempted to give them a call and see if they need any more bodies on the squad for Thursday night, but we also must ask ourselves this interesting question: Are the Panthers good? Maybe? Yes? Could be? Also, Rookie QB Davis Mills will be making his first start for the Texans against a Carolina defense that has looked pretty darn good on this young season, and in this house we bet against rookie QB’s making their first start mid-season. Panthers -8

Saturday – Texas Tech @ Texas

I don’t know about you Mr. Blog Reader (Or Miss Blog Reader for the ladies out there [Sup?]) but when I see Texas vs. Texas Tech I just want to bet the over. The total on this game is 61.5 and the Texas/Texas Tech game has gone over that number 4 of the last 5 years. Lets keep it rolling! Points! Over 61.5

Saturday – Wisconsin @ Notre Dame (+6)

Technically this is not a Notre Dame home game, it is being played at Soldier Field in Chicago. The Bears are historically known for their great defense and I think we will see more of that in this game. I expect it to be a low scoring, grind it out, slobber knocker. If its a low scoring game, the score will be close. I know Notre Dame has struggled to cover as a favorite this season, but I like them as an underdog. Give me Notre Dame +6.

Saturday – Nebraska @ Michigan State (-5)

You know the drill guys. Michigan State -5

Saturday – UAB @ Tulane (-4.5)

Tulane is one of those teams that I’ve bet on a couple of times the past couple of years and they just always seem to put on a good show. Also, I just love yelling “Let’s Ride The Green Wave” every time I see they are playing. Love them in this bounce back spot against UAB. Tulane -4.5

It’s time again for everyone’s new favorite segment of the Money Shot and our first ever recurring guest, Piper! Last week Piper went 1-1 and she’s looking to get hot! Lets check out her picks!

Good Dog Piper!

Missouri -2.5

Alabama -43.5

Sunday – Cardinals @ Jaguars (+7)

Man has Kyler Murray been fun to watch or what? That guy is awesome. I mean look at this play.

On the other side, Man has Trevor Lawrence not been fun to watch? Arizona seems to be a team that is hitting their stride and Jacksonville is struggling to say the least. Cardinals -7

Sunday – Colts @ Titans (-5.5)

The Colts have gotten off to a rough start, they’ve lost to two very good teams at home but their schedule continues to not do them any favors as now they travel to division rival Tennessee. Not to mention that starting QB Carson Wentz has not one but TWO sprained ankles! I don’t think Wentz will play, but if he does, he won’t be 100%. This will be hard to read Colts fans, but after Sunday they will be 0-3. Titans -5.5

Sunday – Seahawks @ Vikings (-2)

This happens EVERY YEAR. Russell Wilson plays out of his mind in September (597 Yards, 6TDs, 0 INTs so far this year) and everyone wonders why he’s never won an MVP, then he eventually cools off and returns to being just a very good QB but not a god-like one. Since it’s still September I’ll take Seattle. Also the Vikings still have Kirk Cousins, so, I mean, ya know. Seahawks -2

Sunday – Packers @ 49ers (-3.5)

The Packers seemed to get back on track Monday with an 18-point win over the Lions, but the defense still didn’t look great. However, the 49ers defense also had its problems slowing down the Lions. But that’s not what I’m focusing on. Here’s the key to this game for me: Aaron Rodgers is one petty SOB. He held out and was upset with the Packers all offseason and he notoriously doesn’t talk to his family. The 49ers were the NFL team that Rodgers grew up rooting for and they had the chance to draft him but passed to take Alex Smith, do you think Rodgers is still upset about that? My money says yes. Not to mention that he has an 18:2 TD ratio in eight games against the 49ers. Give me petty Aaron Rodgers and the Packers +3.5

And now, for that moment that your eyes have been waiting to see (from a safe distance) the Money Shot!

**Friday – Liberty @ Syracuse (+6)**

I’ve spoken about Liberty’s QB Malik Willis before and he will once again be the best player on the field and it ain’t close. By the end of the year you will hear about him being a potential #1 pick in the draft. Last year Liberty played at Syracuse and won by 17. Syracuse might be a little better this year but as long as Liberty has Malik Willis on the field and healthy, there’s a 100% chance they cover in this game.

I know it has been a rough season so far betting wise but I still love putting out these blogs so thank you for reading along! And like I said above, if I continue to suck and you get rich betting against my picks I will not be offended at all, as long as you buy me one (1) beer the next time we see each other. So as always, comment, tweet at me, or DM me with any comments, criticisms, or locks you have!

Whether you are fading or following, Let’s Get Rich! Love you guys!