Howdy Gang! And welcome back for another week of degenerate delight! Hope you all have had a great week and getting ready to roll into an awesome weekend! Before we get too carried away lets take a look back at last week:

Well hey! We’re back to .500 on NFL bets! That’s kind of exciting! But betting on college games this year has me feeling like my own college experience – confused and don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m drinking and having a lot of fun!

Time to dive right into the slate this week!

Thursday – Packers @ Cardinals (-6.5)

Is it hyperbole to say that this could be on paper the best Thursday Night Football matchup ever? I’m sure you all know that I do my best to NEVER have any sort of hyperbole on this blog so I just need to make sure. I think the biggest factor here will be the Packers list of inactives due to COVID. No Adams, no Lazard. I’ll take the Cardinals -6.5

Thursday – Troy @ Coastal Carolina

Sometimes I feel like I talk about Coastal Carolina too much on this blog, but if our 7 readers didn’t like that I suppose they would take their internet clicks elsewhere so I’ll keep giving the people what they want! This is the lowest total a Coastal Game has had all year at 50.5. There is some rain and wind in forecast and Troy does have a good defense, but I think the style of play that Coastal’s offense has will fair just fine against these conditions, also you can always count on Coastal’s defense to give up a touchdown or 3 so lets just sit back and enjoy a Thirsty Thursday while we root for some points! Over 50.5

Saturday – Iowa @ Wisconsin

Seeing an over/under line in the 30’s for a big ten football game always gets my juices flowing. The total here is so low that it is basically just taunting me. It’s calling me out, “I bet you won’t bet the over on this Kyle” well I’ll show you imaginary voice in my head that makes betting lines come to life! Over 37

Saturday – Michigan @ Michigan St. (+4)

I’m going to hate myself for this one but I’m taking Michigan. I know Jim Harbaugh’s track record in big rivalry games isn’t great, hell, its not even good. But I just feel like this seems like a year where they have put it all together. I can’t wait to read these words Sunday morning and call myself a fucking idiot but I’m taking Michigan -4

Also you can’t bring up Michigan/Michigan State without including what was possibly the wildest end to a game ever. Also please watch it with the sound on because it is announcing gold – the multiple voice cracks, the utter chaos, then just 30 seconds of silence, its just so *chef’s kiss*

Saturday – Penn State @ Ohio State (-18.5)

Man, Big Ten heavy week here on the Money Shot, but that’s just what we know and love here in the Midwest. Though, unfortunately for all of us in the Midwest, It has happened, our inevitable Big Ten Football overlords at Ohio State have hit their stride and are blowing everyone out. Just when we thought they might have a down year after the first couple of weeks they have slowly morphed back into the Big Ten Thanos, just snapping their fingers and winning by 40. All signs are pointing to Penn Sate coach James Franklin heading somewhere else, he signed a new agent, he said he’s focused on Illinois in a press conference? idk man, I’m sad that Ohio State is good again but we might as well make some money off of it. Ohio State -18.5

Sunday – Bengals @ Jets (+10.5)

I want you to say this with me as loud as you can. “THE CINCINNATI BENGALS ARE A GOOD FOOTBALL TEAM” Everyone clear on that? Good? Good. Bengals -10.5

For those of you who have lives and don’t spend every waking minute on the internet: First off, congrats on being a normal, well-adjusted adult. Second, you have missed out on the return of the Great One!

George Kent aka Bambino_Bets aka the Twitter Gambling God is back! I am a disciple of the almighty George Kent, go follow this guy if you’re not, he’s the best, who I aspire to be some day, just a sweet old man on twitter that also happens to be a gambling degenerate, the dream. When George says to bet a game you say “Yes Sir” and do it.

Welcome back George!

And now it’s time for everyone’s favorite dirty sounding lock of the week! The Money Shot!

***Saturday – Georgia @ Florida (+14)***

WORLDS LARGEST OUTDOOR COCKTAIL PARTY!!!!! Hands down the best name for a rivalry in all of sports. Gotta love a good SEC Rivalry game. I don’t know about you all but I don’t trust Florida. Not just the college football team but the entire state! There are lots of reasons to not trust Florida, for one, they are home to the world’s worst superhero – Florida Man. If you are not familiar with the aforementioned Florida Man, just google it. Here are some of the results I got literally right now when googling “Florida man posted bomb-making instructions online for ISIS, facing up to 15 years in prison”, “Florida man found with live grenade, clown mannequin inside truck”, “Florida man accused of pepper-spraying deputies trying to detain him”. What an absolute mess of a state they got down there. Meanwhile, all Georgia has done this year is win football games and have possibly the best defense in college football history. Georgia’s defense is ELITE! Only giving up 6.6 PPG. Give me the Bulldogs -14

Once again, I would like to thank all of you that follow along every week, Love you guys. As always, comment, tweet at me, or DM me with any comments, criticisms, or locks you have!

Whether you are fading or following, Let’s Get Rich! Love you guys!