Bird Box – A Movie Review

Bird Box (2018)

A Netflix original movie – I was so, so skeptical. I’ve watched several (see Mowgli, How It Ends, The Do-Over )- and none of them are good. NONE. So when Bird Box went straight to Netflix, I was perplexed. Was it going to waste Sandra Bullock and another movie that looked crazy good, or would it live up to the hype? Well…..let me tell you.

First, if you haven’t watched it. Stop what you’re doing and go freaking watch this movie. I’m serious. Because spoilers are coming and you don’t want to spoil this. It’s good. So good. Go watch it.

Have you watched it? Okay. Let’s get into this.

1.) Sandra Bullock. I love Sandy. She’s great. In EVERYTHING. This is the best Sandra Bullock movie since The Proposal – and trust me, I love The Proposal. Back to 28 Days – go watch it. Sandra is amazing.

2.) This movie is so freaking intense. Like you’re on the edge of your seat. You know Sandra isn’t dying in the flashback scene because it’s a flashback scene but you’re like damnit she might freaking die. But I can’t underestimate how intense this is. You’re going to be sweating – in a good way; not in a treadmill after Christmas day.

3.) It’s just good entertainment. Let’s detail it:

A weird thing is occurring in the world, causing anyone who is outside with their eyes open to see something and commit suicide. It’s out there, maybe, but it’s a movie. Go with it. So everyone has to wear blindfolds if they want to be outside (hence all the memes and other shit you’ve seen). The characters are all so great. There’s so much character development throughout the movie. Trevante Rhodes is phenomenal as the male lead. The crazy ass people are NUTS. It’s just kind of a cool concept. Imagine life with a blindfold. Sure, blind people do it (that comes into play shockingly), but imagine a crisis and you’re all blinded outside where you have to survive. It’s a bizarre twist and such a great and entertaining movie. I’m hesitant to say more because I’m afraid you haven’t watched it yet. GO WATCH IT!

Rating: 9.1/10