XFL Recap Week 2

Just a short recap for you as week 2 of the XFL is in the books. First off, let’s discuss the bets:

In Week 1, I went 5-3 and a solid 4-0 ATS, just missed out on the O/U bets. In week 2, I’ve decided I will never ever again bet the O/U bets. What in the hell is going on? Here’s my breakdown of week 2:

DC Defenders -7 (they won 27-0) WIN
DC Defenders/NY Guardians Over 47 (see above…) LOSS
Tampa Bay Vipers -2 LOSS
Tampa Bay Vipers/Seattle Dragons Over 44 LOSS
Seattle Dragons +2.5 WIN

So let me clarify the above. I posted the odds on Facbook/Twitter that I was taking the Vipers – then I remembered, sadly, that Marc Trestman coached the Vipers and I should NEVER have picked them and didn’t believe that was the correct pick. I did not make an announcement because 1.) it was way too difficult and 2.) I made my bed and I will lay in it but 3.) I really, honestly thought that would be the case – AND I used a boost bet on it and got 10% more profit so I broke even, there.

Dallas Renegades -6 WIN
Dallas Renegades/Los Angeles Wildcats Over 46 LOSS
St. Louis BattleHawks +8 WIN
St. Louis BattleHawks/Houston Roughnecks UNDER (UNDER, GUYS! EVERY UNDER HAS HIT) 47.5 LOSS

So, here’s my weekend for the XFL. Realistically, I’m calling the Vipers/Dragons thing a win, but if I didn’t I went 4-1 ATS and 0-4 on O/Us. So, career now I am 7-2 ATS and 1-7 on O/Us. It’s ridiculous. So far, 5 unders have hit and 3 overs, I believe in the XFL. Just hard to predict.

Winner – PJ Walker

PJ Walker, for the 2nd week in a row, was amazing for the Houston Roughnecks. He now has 7 TDs this year through 2 games and was showered with MVP chants during the game.

Loser – Matt McGloin or the NY Guardians

It’s an “or’ because I think I might LOVE Matt McGloin. The poor guy – he had a horrible game, and every time he left the field, someone was in his face with a mic asking him what went wrong. Before halftime, he had kind of had enough and said that they needed to change their ENTIRE gameplan. That’s bold, Matt. But the NY Guardians were blanked 27-0 and did not look even remotely good. This is the NY team I had expected, but their win in Week 1 and McGloin’s decent play made me think otherwise. This might be another New York football dumpster fire.

Winner – Nelson Spruce

Nelson Spruce is a WR for the 0-2 Los Angeles Wildcats. That’s the bad part. The good part is he has 192 yards and 2 TDs in 2 games on 17 catches in 24 targets. That’s a good pace right there. If they can put some talent around the guy, the Wildcats might get exciting.

Winner – Cardale Jones

I’m just going to continue to put a guy who is now 13-0 in his career (11-0 in college at Ohio State and 2-0 in the XFL) on this list until he proves otherwise.

Loser – Marc Trestman

I said it week 1, I meant to say it week 2 and I had to adjust a bet – but Marc Trestman should just re-disappear. He’s now 0-2. Aaron Murray sucked week 1, sat out week 2 and Taylor Cornelius went 16-27 with 2 INTs and no TDs (Flowers went 3-7 with an INT also). Tampa Bay has reached the red zone 6 times in 2 weeks. They have 0 offensive TDs.

Winner, but… – Seattle Attendance

Seattle had 29,172 people show up to the XFL game in their home opener. That’s ridiculous and awesome! However, every other game had lower attendance than week 1, including 2 games that were played in the same city as well 1. If the XFL is going to survive, attendance has to be steady or increase. This will be an interesting storyline for week 3.

That’s it, guys! What did you think of the XFL in Week 2? Did you bet with us? You should! (just avoid those over/unders). See you next week! At least they’re drinking a lot of beer?

Cup Snake in the XFL