AEW Revolution – Grades and Analysis

On leap day 2020, AEW held their latest PPV, AEW Revolution, and I’m here to give you my grades and analysis.

Dustin Rhodes vs. Jake Hager

I will say this was a very questionable match to open your PPV with. The pre show (Buy In) had a decent bout, but to kick off your PPV with Jake Hager and Dustin Rhodes WITH the match they put on was a let down. This match was about 18 minutes, and about 12 too long. They both seemed gassed and, to me, just did not execute properly. I want to like Jake Hager and I want him to be something special. A big guy who can also work, but I was hugely disappointed. Having him win was the right call but the whole match felt disjointed. There was a moment where Hager clotheslined Dustin on the outside that looked odd and I don’t know if that caused an issue or injury but the match was very slow and ugly.
Overall Grade: D

Sammy Guevara vs. Darby Allin

On the other hand…you SHOULD have started your PPV with this shit. Holy hell. I LOVE Sammy Guevara as a total asshole who is low key very good at wrestling but just over confident which costs him a lot of matches. And I LOVE Darby Allin, a fucking psycho crazy guy who doesn’t care about his body and will do anything to kill you (especially you, Sammy). Just look at these.

I will just say that these two have fantastic chemistry and put on an absolute hell of a show at Revolution. Overall Grade: A

AEW Tag Team Championship
Adam “Hangman” Page and Kenny Omega vs. The Young Bucks

Let me just say the video preview for this match gets an A+ and AEW’s build of Hangman Page has skyrocketed him higher than even they could have imagined. So much going into this match and I think this will continue for a long, long time.

The only thing better than the video package was THE MATCH. They start as “family” and the Bucks try to place nice until Hangman spits in the face of Matt Jackson then all hell breaks loose.

If you recall when AEW began, Adam Page was the guy who was attempted to be forced upon his, fighting for the AEW Championship against Chris Jericho and it didn’t work. He didn’t perform well and the crowd started to turn on him a little bit. This feud and character building over the last couple months has absolutely made him a star. There were several “This is Awesome” chants. Then the loudest “AEW” chant I’ve ever heard and then my favorite FIGHT FOREVER chants! They should. FOREVER! I honestly had chills watching this match. It was crazy. Seriously watch this match. Holy fucking shit.

One day, it’s inevitable that Adam Page will turn on Kenny Omega and it will be the most ridiculous thing we’ve seen, but this is storytelling at it’s finest. I cannot describe in words.
Overall Grade: A+++ (and I’m not kidding)

Okay, deep breath. Time to regroup.

AEW Women’s Championship
Nyla Rose vs. Kris Statlander

I wasn’t sure how this match would be being in the “death slot” after the tag team match. This is why I think the Dustin/Jake Hager match should have waited. Put it later in one of these slots. It wasn’t a huge match, anyway. But nonetheless…it’s crazy to think Statlander has only been wrestling for a few years. She had a botch early in the match trying to jump up after being knocked down by Rose. I thought it hurt the moment a bit. The announce team did highlight a couple times that Statlander was battling the flu (and was actually pulled from an independent show) and was probably a bit weaker than she normally would be. I think that’s a good story line that you have to be at full strength to beat Nyla Rose.

I’m still not overly sold on Nyla Rose as a performer. I think she’s clumsy and slow and a little careless. That being said, her and Statlander paired nicely together. The crowd was indeed dead for this one. Statlander kicked out of Rose’s finisher at one point and no one made a sound. Nyla sold it great but it was just quiet. There were a couple clunky spots late. I think having Nyla retain was the only possible option as she just won the title but I’d rather see the title on Statlander and have Britt Baker and some of the younger girls contend.
Overall Grade: C

Cody vs. MJF

The buildup to this one has been a long winded slow burn, played perfectly by both Cody and MJF. I don’t think the entrance worked great for Cody for a couple reasons. Not sure what the live band was doing but it didn’t sound great. And why does Cody need 15 people to accompany him to the ring? And that weird neck tat? I thought a lot of that took away from the normal entrance which people love. Also I HATE Arn Anderson. Is he necessary? Didn’t he hate Dusty Rhodes? Haven’t I talked about this? It’s dumb. I’m ready for him to turn on Cody and just move on with life being an asshole. I don’t “pop” for an Arn Anderson spinebuster in 2020. I’m sorry, I just don’t.

MJF did some expert level heel shit at the beginning of this match, going into the crowd, knocking a guys hat off, throwing beer on another. I don’t know how much of that is staged, but MJF would literally do this to random people (and it somewhat looked that way here). I’m sure AEW got them a nice shirt or something after.

I think the match was pretty much by the numbers. Cody was cocky and wanted to do more and MJF cheats to win. Didn’t really do a ton for me, but it was a fine match.
Overall Grade: C

PAC vs. Orange Cassidy

I could not wait for this match. Before the match began, it was getting “holy shit” chants at just the sheer magnitude!!! Of course, some people are confused after reading that sentence but hey, this is pro wrestling. This is a guy who does not give a care about anything versus a guy who SUPER cares about EVERYTHING. This match did everything it was supposed to do. Orange Cassidy is a ridiculous character who is so over for his “fake” wrestling that they got fight forever chants, this is awesome, and holy shit all before really anything happened. BUT, but…also, Orange Cassidy is low key a ridiculously good wrestler. People should know that and should never forget that. He has fun and connects with the fans but he can also go when he has to.

Freshly Squeezed should never beat PAC. Not many people should. But this was entertaining to say the least. It gave a nice break before the main event. I think this match did it’s job. Overall Grade: B-

AEW World Championship
Chris Jericho vs. Jon Moxley

Jericho and Moxley (fka Dean Ambrose) have had some history before. This is about Jericho, the first ever AEW Champion, and his entire “Inner Circle” being total jerks, inviting Moxely to join, Moxley pretending to join, then bailing, and Jericho spiking Moxley’s eye out. It was a 30 minute marathon which I’m not usually super excited about, but it told the right story. Jericho busted Moxely open early, tried to get disqualified to retain the title, and pulled out all the stops. This was a marathon match and it was what it needed to be. These two have fantastic chemistry and it was a great ending to the PPV and the right move. Jon Moxley is hot right now. My only concern is where do we go from here? PAC? It’s crazy to build up a guy – it’s the Goldberg problem. Moxley hasn’t lost a singles match yet. So where do we go? I’ll stay tuned! Overall Grade: B-

Let us know what you thought of AEW Revolution!