What is Passion Anyway??

Recent discussions with another member of the OA Team (which usually begins with him bitching about me never blogging) has led me to take a long look at something I’m passionate about.  Well obviously, it’s not blogging, but there has to be something right?

Luke has his movies, he obviously loves movies and loves to write about what he has seen recently, and what upcoming movies he thinks look the best.  Even when no one agrees with his opinions he still blogs. 

Kyle seems to have found a new passion for losing large sums of money each weekend and encouraging anyone within ear shot or eye shot to do the same with his weekly “money shot.”

Rookie claims to be passionate about beer however judging by his rating system maybe he is just more passionate about giving out good grades for mediocre work.  Maybe he should have found a passionate for inner city teaching if that is the case. 

Travis is the fantasy football guy, he seems to have a passion for that, although calling the segment “Travis’s Fantasies” makes it seem like he really expected to discuss an entirely different passion.

Joe… well maybe Joe is searching too.  He has a segment, which is a step above me, but his segment encompasses all different topics, or maybe he is just passionate about a lot. 

Then of course there is Andy, the nerd.  Passionate about comic books, video games, adults in costumes, super hero films, his cat, and of course his virginity. 

So where do I fall?  What is left to talk about?  I love golf but is that something to discuss weekly? We already have a snoozer segment (see “The Best Segment You’ve Ever Nerd”) I enjoy sports but there are a lot more passionate people out there discussing those for a full time job with way more insights then I will ever have.  Perhaps my new passion should be finding a passion? Maybe I should just continue to try to make the listeners laugh on the podcast at Andy’s expense, but do I always want to be the asshole? 

This should be an ongoing blog as I try to find my passion, but as we stated before blogging is not something I am passionate about to do as much as some other members (Luke) would like.  I’ll just leave it with a check back next post to check the status of me locating a passion to talk about weekly.  Until then… sorry Andy. 

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