Top 3 Movies – Scarlett Johansson

We’re back with Top 3 and we’re back with favorite films for certain actors and actresses. I decided to ask Alan who his favorite actress was and he screamed Scarlett Johansson so we’re doing this, I guess!

Honorable Mentions

There’s been some back and forth lately on the old internet about Home Alone 3 being better than 1 and 2. I’m not here to tell you that’s the case, but I’m here to tell you that Scarlett Johansson is in Home Alone 3. More of just information at this point.

You know what else Scarlett is in that is kind of a cult classic? Eight Legged Freaks!

I don’t know that it’s a great movie but I’m not here to call it horrible either!

Of course Scarlett Johansson is in Avengers and all of those – but as I’ve previously stated, I’m not a huge fan and I’m not putting them in my top 3. Fight me!

Last one – did you know that Scarlett Johansson is in the Justin Timberlake music video What Goes Around…Comes Around? It’s true. Check out that gem below:

Number 3

Coming in at number 3 on my all time ScarJo movies is The Island. In The Island, she stars next to Ewan McGregor in a crazy Sci-Fi film where the world as we know it is no more. It’s contaminated and there’s only one safe place – in a weird space ship type thing. But there’s a lottery every so often where people get to move to The Island – a paradise that is so highly sought after. Turns out, as it normally does, The Island isn’t quite all it’s hyped up to be. Check out this film (currently on Cinemax with Prime Video channels) as it’s one of my favorites from 2005.

Number 2

Number 2 on my list is a movie that I just absolutely adore. We Bought A Zoo from 2011 is based on a true story about a man who loses his wife and relocates his family to reinvigorate a struggling zoo. That man is Matt Damon. And his head zookeeper is Scarlett Johansson. It’s just a simple recipe for success and love in this heartwarming story that explores pain, strength, and ultimately, triumph. If you’ve not watched We Bought A Zoo, grab a box of Kleenexes and take a seat. You can rent this on Prime Video for $3.99 and I will pay for it.

Number 1

Number 1 isn’t even a question. Not only is it my favorite Scarlett Johansson movie but it’s my favorite movie PERIOD! THE PRESTIGE! Holy shit if you haven’t watched this, then we aren’t friends. The Christopher Nolan directed film has Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman as competing magicians who constantly try to one up each other with one of the craziest twists ever. I swear the first 10 times I watched The Prestige, I learned something new or caught on to something different. This movie is so, so, so, so good. I can’t stress that enough. Plus, its a Christopher Nolan directed film that also stars Michael Caine and you know what I say…

And that’s it! Scarlett Johansson’s top 3 films! Controversial I’m sure since there’s no superhero films but ScarJo is much more than Black Widow to me! What did I miss? Drop down in the comments and let me know your favorite Scarlett Johansson films!