Top 3 Movies – Morgan Freeman

I was given a little grief last time that I picked Don Cheadle and the fact that he only has 3 good movies. I was given grief by someone who was afraid to comment or post publicly and who hasn’t blogged possibly ever. I won’t narrow it down to who it was but his name rhymes with Sadden Band.

So! This week, I decided to take on quite the feat. Top 3….MORGAN FREEMAN MOVIES. Holy shit where do I begin? I know this will be controversial regardless. I’m going to have to go full blown Andy here and list 100, but let’s see what I can do.

Honorable Mentions

IMDb has 125 movies for Morgan Freeman if you’re wondering what I’m having to sort through, here. Not easy. Luckily anything before 1988 is out…but damnit 1989 didn’t do me any favors. Some solid work from Mr. Freeman in ’89. The third best OF THAT YEAR is Glory, followed by Lean on Me, and Driving Miss Daisy. What a year! How does it get better?

I’m also going to throw out a few more. The Olympus Has Fallen (now soon to be trilogy) are great watches. Now You See Me? Hell yes. That’s a good watch. What about Oblivion with Tom Cruise? Also surprisingly great. One that will catch some stares….Unleashed from 2005? He’s not the lead role (that honor goes to Jet Li) but the film is about a man enslaved by the mob and he’s treated like a dog and then he escapes and he’s a fucking psycho badass. Never heard of it? Worth a watch. That’s it! Only 8 or 9 honorable mentions. Now, the top 3.

Number 3

The number 3 spot might be controversial but I can’t imagine how. It’s The Bucket List. Here, Freeman stars alongside Jack Nicholson (would be a good Top 3) as two terminally ill older guys who just say fuck it and go do everything on their (cough) bucket list. It’s a sentimental, funny, oddly serious and touching film that will cover everything you want in a movie. I can’t imagine you haven’t seen this, but if not, go watch it.

Number 2

Okay, this will no doubt be controversial that it’s at number 2, but this is MY LIST, not yours. So shut up. Number 2 is Shawshank Redemption. It’s literally the number 1 rated movie EVER by IMDb. Not even kidding. It’s number 1. It’s the best movie ever if you ask the masses. And I don’t disagree that it’s great. Freeman plays Red alongside Tim Robbins who plays Andy Dufresne as the two men bond in prison over a number of years.

You’ve seen it because if not, you’re not real. So what could possibly beat this? What is honestly better than Shawshank? Well, oddly, it’s the number 4 movie on IMDb’s all time great list (along with the trilogy)…

Number 1

It’s the Dark Knight trilogy. Yes, all 3. Shut up. It’s Batman Begins, it’s The Dark Knight, and it’s the Dark Knight Rises. The Dark Knight is number 4 and The Dark Knight Rises is number 69 of movies EVER! Batman Begins is 124. Morgan Freeman is basically a beast. Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox is pretty much one of the best characters ever. Lucius is the smartass protector of freakin’ Batman!

Okay, what are your top 3 favorite Morgan Freeman films? How did I do?? Let me know and let me know who else you’d like to hear my opinions on.