Kyle’s Random Thoughts – Part 2

Hello everyone! It was a long busy season in the public accounting world, but I’m excited to get back to blogging! (using the internet as therapy because its way cheaper) Way back in the day I had the first segment of Kyle’s random thoughts, In the time I’ve been away I’ve amassed some random thoughts so I figured might as well share them with all of my favorite people on the internet, you guys! (my internet therapists) So here we go!

I don’t trust people who part their hair down the middle, pick a side you weirdo.

What is the point of a vest? When have you ever thought, “My chest is cold but my arms feel fine”

If you say “Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee” you’re the absolute worst kind of person. Really? You can’t function as a human until you drink a cup of dirty bean water?? Get the hell out of here.

I hope someday I’m famous enough to compete in a celebrity softball game

What do they do with all the leftover food on the Food Network? Do the Cameramen and crew get to eat it? That would be a great job.

If I walk into a Men’s bathroom and there are no urinals I have a little panic attack and worry that I walked into the Women’s bathroom.

Who are the people that call into daytime sports radio shows? Could you imagine if you asked the guy next you at the office to help you out with something and he says “In a sec, I’m the next caller and they are talking about the Colts and I have a REALLY strong opinion about it”

I don’t understand how bra sizes work, I get that the bigger the number and letter the bigger the boobs, but I have no context on what each size is. you could line up 100 women in front of me and if I guessed their bra size I would be wrong 100 times.

I slept on my shoulder weird and it was sore for about a day. if I’m getting to the age where sleeping makes me sore, it’s probably time to just call it quits.

At what age do you stop getting pimples? I’m almost 26 and I still have to deal with this shit.

Gala is a fancy ass word. I don’t think I’ll ever be fancy enough to attend a gala.

That’s all I’ve got for this round! Any random thoughts you have on your mind? Leave them in the comments below! Love you guys.