Cincinnati Bengals Week 1 Review

I previewed week 1 of the Bengals season – check that out here. And guess what? WE WON! WE DID IT!!! THE BENGALS ARE BACK BABY!!!!!

I cannot even put into words how excited I was yesterday. Still today. I’m buzzing and not just from the alcohol! The Bengals put on a great show, a close game, AND WE FINALLY WON ONE! It’s crazy but Week 1 was a must win for the Cincinnati Bengals. They were tested, and they won! It was awesome. Surreal. Just a spectacular day. I’m going to give a brief recap here and look ahead to Week 2 @ Chicago.


1.) Ja’Marr Chase. I called him out, I questioned him. And he just went 5/7 for 101 yards, 1 TD and most importantly 0 DROPS. What did Joey B have to say?

2. EVAN MCPHERSON – look, the Bengals drafted Jake Elliot and cut him for him to go on and have a 60 yard game winner for Philly and he’s still their kicker. They didn’t make the same mistake this time. They drafted a kicker, kept him, and he had a hell of a debut for a Rookie (out of Florida). Even McPherson is a big winner.

3. Run D – giving up 60 yards to Dalvin Cook on 20 carries is pretty remarkable. A great showing for our Defense which has struggled in recent years.

4. Joe Mixon, quietly had 127 yards and a TD. I was down on Mixon a bit but he had 4.4 yards per carry and had a great game. Very pleased with my second favorite Joe on the team.

5, and most importantly, CLOSING THE DAMN GAME OUT. The Bengals were tested and they stood up to the test and won the game. They won a tough game. They won at home. They won when they were underdogs. And they’re 1-0.


  1. The Fans. I’m not talking about the fans that were there. I’m talking about the ones who were not.

Look at all the purple. Vikings fans were chanting Defense loudly when the Bengals were on offense. It was embarrassing. They did some sort of Skol (Skoal) I don’t know. Some other chant. They were LOUD. Bengals fans – you want to bitch and complain about the product – please come out and support your team. I know it’s been a bad few years and it’s hard to trust them but they can’t win if they have 17 road games. Support the team we have now. It’s the best one we’ve had for several years.

2. My heart when Burrow limped off the field. Uh, that took a couple years off. Seemed okay coming back out there but PLEASE PROTECT THIS MAN.

3. Not a huge loser here – but the pass D. Cousins went 36/49 for 351 yards and 2 TDs – that’s only 9.75 yards per completion and 7.1 per attempt – not horrible but would like to see them tighten up. I know Waynes being out made our CBs thin.

4. The O Line – they gave up 5 sacks. I just don’t ever love that. Let’s keep our QB clean.

Overall week 1 looked great. Let’s keep it up in Week 2, which, as I mentioned, is against the Chicago Bears. After the game, I, again, took the Bengals +3 and also took them money line. Chicago (and Andy Dalton) did not look good last night. It’s probably almost Fields time already. I’ll be looking next week for the Bengals to survive a road test – a managable one, but a road test nonetheless. I’ve been buzzing for a full day now it seems like and I can’t wait to get some more Bengals football under my belt. What did you guys think of the Week 1 performance? Who Dey!