AEW Dynamite Best and Worst 8/11/2021

AEW! AEW! AEW! The only bad thing to start this episode, so I’m starting with a WORST – is they’re in Pittsburgh and they are all waving stupid towels. I love Britt Baker more than anyone but I wouldn’t be able to wave that DMD towel because I hate the Steelers so much! **(Editors Note, I write these live, so you get to see my excitement and how I’m feeling. I don’t process then write. Just want you to know that for when you read this first section, especially)**

Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks vs. The Sydal Brothers and Dante Martin

Can you say ATHLETICISM?! Holy cow. Dante Martin is a fucking menace. I love this guy. It’s a shame Darius got hurt but at 20 years old?! I can’t wait until they inevitably beat the Young Bucks for the titles one day. He FLIES! Look at this.

He’s too good. I’m not sure he gets the crowd reaction he deserves because he’s so quick. It kept getting better. Watch:


I don’t know if I’ve said it but BEST . Just no other words. This was star making and I’m not lying in the slightest. Of course they lost to the Elite but This was star making for Martin. The fans were losing it. And the Elite did their thing and continue to wow…as total assholes.

QUESTION MARK – Christian Cage vs. Kenny Omega on Friday for the Impact Championship for the first ever match on Rampage. I love it – but weird to debut your show with a different show’s title? But BEST Jurassic Express vs. YBs for the Tag Titles. Pull the trigger!

BEST Malakai Black. Duh. Love the vignettes.

Daniel Garcia vs. Darby Allin

BEST 2.0 – they’re weird but I’m loving them. Great talkers. And Garcia is looking good now too. But every time Darby is on screen I’m waiting for the payoff to his “Best In the World” challenge and it’s radio silence….no more teases, nothing! I’m confused/anxious but I’m still talking about it so it must be working.

HFO (Matt and Private Party) vs. Best Friends and OC

WORST – I’m not a fan at all of the Hardy Family Office. That’s fine, in itself, and that’s my opinion. But they don’t do it for me. I don’t like Big Money Matt. Butcher and Blade have not been used that great – they could have been a formidable team but they lose too much. I don’t like heel Private Party. They’re about SHOTS! And PARTIES! So being a heel, doesn’t work? Just not for me, so it gets a worst. (I forgot about TH2, so that should tell you something as well) As much as I just complained, I like HFO winning.

Matt looks a little slow – he should stick to the Ultimate Deletion/cinematic matches but it got me thinking. What would a cinematic Ultimate Deletion match look like with him and Orange Cassidy?! That would be hilariously epic, right?

BEST – Give me Andrade vs. PAC!!!!

Nyla Rose vs. Kris Statlander

Okay, I have been super critical of the women’s division, particularly Nyla Rose in the past. But this match was GREAT! Huge BEST. Statlander and Nyla tore the house down. There was Statlander doing the pendulum moonsault off the apron, which was awesome. Then she handstands off of Nyla’s top rope knee drop only for Nyla to spear her. A huge power bomb – then to end it with a 450?! This was good stuff. I loved it! Good showing by both women.

BEST – D.M.D. in Brittsburgh!

Good Brothers vs. Evil Uno and Stu Grayson

Dark Order better not be ruining my Hangman feel good story. They mention on commentary that there’s some beef with how they’re treating him. Fans were still hot for OG Dark Order. No way the Impact Tag Titles were changing hands here. But +1 for the Forbidden Door.

BEST – Paul Wight!

Chris Jericho vs. Wardlow – 4th Labour

Jericho vs. MJF on the mic is fantastic. In ring, Jericho has looked a little slow. He’s still good, better than Matt Hardy, in my opinion, but this does really feel like one of his final runs. There’s too much young talent coming in for him to be wrestling 5 straight weeks, in my opinion.

Okay, that’s Dynamite. Had a pretty solid week and Rampage this Friday is looking to be LIT! Let us know what you thought in the comments and what your favorite moment was.