A Wild Weekend

Happy Monday, friends. I’m here today to tell you about my weekend. I know, who gives a shit how my weekend was? Maybe no one. But this is blogging and I’m free to blog about what I want – read on, you won’t be disappointed!

I’m going to break this down into several categories: Friends, Bets, The Game, and Food

Let’s start with Friends. I had Cousin Kyle and Alex come over on Saturday and we sat on the couch for 9 straight hours and just binge watched college football and ate and drank and it was GLORIOUS. Ever just give yourself a spa day and stay on the couch? Everyone deserves one once in awhile. This was a fun, fun day.

When I have people over, I always try to promise a couple things. I actually want one of these on my tombstone and that’s “Luke always has a lot of food.” I think it’s just part of being a good host is just making a ton of food. There’s always a lot of leftovers and stuff that gets thrown away, but that’s not relevant. You must have food. So Food – this is what I did. I had heard from another friend that you take Hawaiian sweet rolls, cut the middle out, and then stuff it with something. So, first, I did meatballs. But I didn’t have pizza sauce. So I made homemade pizza sauce (!!) [that I used the night before to make homemade pizza cups], cut a block of mozzarella cheese, stuffed a meatball and sauce in there and then sprinkled some more cheese on top when done. But, listen. Before baking, I mixed butter, garlic, and parsley and put inside the rolls and then brushed on top and baked a bit so these weren’t mushy. They had a nice crisp to them. And the meatball sub was GREAT! BUT, it was second to the g darn Buffalo Chicken rolls I made. I bought the anytizer wings, put some mozzarella again (this was really good with buffalo), some ranch, the wing and baked. Afterwards, I sprinkled some Frank’s red hot on it. Wow. This was legit. Also on the weekend, I made my first cream cheese spread where you just spread cream cheese on a plate and put stuff on it. I used BBQ sauce, green chilles, a fresh tomato, and cheese. SOLID. Look, I’m a chef.

The Game. Well. How did we get here. I was unable to attend the Bengals home game due to personal reasons (I like the mystique in saying that) so I watched from home and I wasn’t sure what to expect. The line moved from GB -3.5 to GB -2.5 which means people were loading up on the Bengals. Seemed fun but could they really hang with GB? Are they a year away still? Or are the Bengals legit? Let’s run through this, quick fire. Rodgers INT, Bengals TD, Mixon looked hurt, Burrow almost died, Burrow laid on field, Luke puked. Okay, so crazy game, very back and forth but then there were 3 minutes to go in the 4th. Mason Crosby hit something like 29 straight FGs, including 3 earlier in the game. He did miss an extra point. The game was tied 22-22 (it was kind of crazy to get here but hang with me) with 2:14 left in the 4th quarter when Mason Crosby missed a field goal (36 yard attempt). The Bengals then marched down the field, but stalled and had a 57 yard field goal. McPherson missed it off the upright. So this put GB in perfect position at the 50 with 21 seconds left. They immediately threw a huge pass to Adams. Crosby for the win from 51 and he misses. OT. First play in OT, Burrow throws a bunny INT and GB has it at the 17 yard line. Over again. Somehow, Crosby attempting a game winning 40 yard attempt and he missed. Bengals drive down, still alive, and attempt a 49 yard field goal. McPherson missed. Even he thought he hit it. Then Crosby hits the game winner from 49 yards. 25-22. GB. No one is really to blame, overall. Either team could have won and deserved it. But this was not great for my heart. If you haven’t seen this, watch it. First time in NFL history that 5 straight FGs had been missed in the last 3 minutes in regulation/OT. And also, NFL’s craziest stat, the Bengals have still never scored a TD in OT in their history. Wild. But I won some money….

The Bets started out hot on Thursday. I went 5-0 on Thursday and won $200. I posted the bets on Twitter so if you’re not winning, only you’re to blame. Friday, I lost $25 just because I was bored watching the 3 games. Saturday, big day and let me tell you how things have been going. I’ve been getting murdered in college football and winning a $200 NCAA parlay to basically break even or just lose a little. So @oa_tyler said to start sharing them. I wasn’t too hype about that because I had struggled sharing them previously but I did. And it hit! And he didn’t bet it….but anyway. I started the day betting some unders and just got murked because unders don’t hit in college football. So, Saturday was basically the same. I lost $200 on NCAAF and won $200 on UFC, break even. Sunday I won $100 (mostly on Bengals props) and here’s the kicker (literally). On Saturday, we found a bet (I think Alex found) that said All Games Opening Kickoff to Result in A Touchback +3000. I thought it was fun and great odds so I bet on it. Well, it’s still in my open bets. I have no idea if they all went for touchbacks and maybe it goes for Monday night too? So I potentially have a $300 Monday night kickoff tonight when I thought I had a $300 Sunday night kickoff last night and I don’t know what to do! If anyone does the research for me, I’ll share my winnings.

So that’s it – that’s my wild weekend. A lot going on, but a lot of fun overall. Thanks to my friends, family, football, and food! The 4 Fs! Now if only I would have gotten a fifth…Love you guys!