Season 3

On March 3, 2018, our podcasting careers began with The Best Podcast You’ve Never Heard. We went through a great season there and then on October 13, 2019, we rebranded for Season 2 to Opinions Anonymous. We’ve had a short break with people moving (hey, it’s two of us now!), the holidays, lack of rural internet, and general busyness of our lives…BUT. But, don’t fret. Season 3 is right around the corner and we have some exciting things for you. We’re busy and we know you’re busy so we are rethinking our process and our outputs. In 2020, look for us to put out a variety of items – one of which surely tickles your fancy.

We will tackle some wrestling for you fightin’ fans out there. Movies for you film fans (or Luke fans). And, of course, some gambling and betting – oh, Kyle and I are going to Vegas on January 2nd. Meet us out there and let’s get rich! We’re also going to try to get some more gaming online – check out the really fun video we made playing Borderlands 3 – and some other fun YouTube videos – check out our OA Sports (and a movie review coming soon, I PROMISE!). **UPDATE** IT’S HERE!

Until then, check out some of your favorite episodes, catch up if you’re behind, and get ready for the biggest and best season ever!