Kyle’s Money Shot 11/20 – 11/26

Hey Everyone! First off, Happy Thanksgiving week! I hope it is filled with family, food, and football. And as we know – the best thing to do with football – bet on it. 

Quick little recap of last week: went 12-11 which isn’t great, but the Money Shot hit and I know that makes everyone happy. And this Money Shot made me especially happy because I had $200 on it. Before anyone reading this freaks out (Most likely my mother) about me placing a $200 bet, let me explain. A buddy of mine wanted to get into sports gambling so I showed him the site I use and gave him my referral code so whatever amount he put in his account I got to use for a “Free Play”. He put in $200 so I used my “Free” $200 and put it all on the Money Shot. How are you all supposed to believe in me if I don’t believe in myself? So I went for it and it paid off!

Now, on to this weeks picks ↓↓

Heavy Tuesday Slate. I’m off work all week so I assume I’ll spend most of it gambling. Even on my days off I’m putting in work – just trying to make us all rich. If i had to put it all on one game on Tuesday it would be Duke -10 over Auburn. This Duke team is already  making a habit of beating teams by at least 10 and I don’t think it will stop against Auburn. (It did stop, Duke still won, but not by 10)

So, I still suck at betting on college basketball, but the only way to get better is to practice right? So we’ve got a ton of college basketball games on Wednesday! This is what happens when I don’t have work to keep me busy all day. I just bet on whatever games are on TV. Some people take trips when they have time off work. Not me, I just continue to gamble my life away – one of the perks of being single and having no kids I suppose – no one else is dependent on my income so I can spend it all on me.

And then we have everyone’s favorite: Thanksgiving NFL football. There is no tradition quite like watching the Lions lose on Thanksgiving. That’s why I’m making that the Money Shot! Chicago-3 against the Lions. Bet it, then take the winnings and go shopping on Black Friday! (THE MONEYSHOT WINS AGAIN)

Fun little college football Saturday, My Boilers picked up a big win over that school down south, and they covered the -3.5 line as well! Like I always say – good teams win, great teams cover. I did make the trip down to Bloomington for the game, and I have to say. it was a pretty fun time.

On Sunday, hopefully the Colts can keep it rolling against the Dolphins. -9 is a big line for the NFL, but not too many teams have been playing better than the Colts as of late.

Make sure to check back in throughout the Holiday Week and Weekend as I know I will be betting more. Love you Guys! Let’s Get Rich!