Food Apps Will Make You Fat(ter)

Don’t get me wrong, I love the convenience of Fast Food Apps and Online Ordering, I prefer it over any other type of ordering, the less human interaction the better, but I can’t be the only person in the world who thinks this method of ordering is making us fatter. Knowing this will also not stop me from using this method of ordering, this is strictly an awareness post.

You all may be wondering if I’m off my rocker thinking this, but hear me out, this can’t just be a me thing.

When ordering on an app, or online I am far more likely to add more food than I would be if I was ordering to a person. Maybe it is the pop ups promoting new items that get me, maybe it’s having all the time in the world to look over the menu completely and not be hurried by the car in line behind me, either way this happens to me and I cannot be alone.

Do not get this confused, I am not in any way blaming the apps for this, I am the fat guy to blame, I’m strictly saying that the availability of the apps adds to my weakness to over eat. One of these days maybe I can get this under control, but until then I need to wrap this up… my order will be ready soon.