Cincinnati Bengals Preseason Week 1


Remember when I was a reporter for the Memphis Express? Well now I’m a reporter for the CINCINNATI BENGALS! I hardly know much about them so this should be fun. I promise not to be biased.

Okay, it’s preseason week 1 @ Kansas City and here are this weeks winners and losers:

Winner: Um…..the Kansas City Chiefs? I guess this is one of the best teams in the league and they kind of looked it. That’s all I will be saying about the Chiefs but I’m on record saying Mahomes is overrated and the Chiefs won’t be (as) good this year. So we’ll see.

Loser: Andy Dalton’s 13 yard underthrow. I couldn’t have missed this pass by more than Dalton did. And Malone needed it. Instead we get an all too familiar scene of a bad underthrow by Dalton. However….

Winner: the first team offense drive. A 14 play drive that took up most of the first quarter. That’s what you need to do against the best offense in the NFL and just in general. 3/3 on 3rd down which is great but also a little concerning. That won’t happen all the time. I just like a TD on the first drive in the preseason and a long drive with ups and downs, too.

Loser: Shawn Williams. He was burnt by Kelce on the first throw for the Chiefs and had zero clue the ball was even thrown. He looked bad on another play on KC’s first (and very fast) drive. For a starting safety, he needs to pick it up.

Loser: Driskel. I was on the Jeff Driskel bandwagon early last year before watching him go 1-7 as a starter. Somehow, he looked even worse in week 1 against KC. Bad throws, bad decisions, and a Hail Mary (?) that fell 20 yards short and was almost returned for a pick 6. Not a good week for someone who could be battling if the Bengals only keep 2 QBs.

Loser – reviewing pass interference. It happened just under the 2 minute mark in the first half and I just think we need to pump the brakes. Let’s let people be human and make mistakes if they so happen to. I’m pretty anti challenges anyway but I get turnovers. PI calls? No. Stop it.

Loser: Darius fucking Phillips. I debated it the first time but TWO muffed punts. I hate Alex Erickson and would love to see him back there fielding kicks. If Phillips is on the roster in 2 weeks, someone needs fired.

Winner (mostly): the O-line. Now they didn’t play great; however, I think this was a test run. They were shuffling people left and right (literally) and still made some good blocks in pass coverage. Run blocking was a little worse but I’ll be patient. I’d like to not see so many penalties (holy shit, the penalties) so let’s look to clean that up for next week.

Winner: Zac Taylor. Because he’s not Marvin Lewis. That’s all, really.

Loser: the Dbag Chief that tried to kill Drew Sample. We have enough issues at TE, man. Come on.

**Editors Note** I want Vizcaino to be our kicker and he is going to be Jake Elliot and signed to another team if we keep Bullock. Do the right thing this year.

Winner: Finley. I was worried about Ryan Finley coming in. He had a bad training camp but he went 11/11 on his first 11 tosses and then was 12/13 with a TD. That’s a great first start in your first ever NFL action.

Overall, the Bengals got crushed by the chiefs but there were some bright spots. I still don’t know if this team will win 5 games or contend for the division. The preseason usually isn’t the best judge in terms of wins and losses but what happens on the field is usually a good indicator. After week 1, I’m still up in the air. Join us next time for another edition of A New Dey! (?) Luke’s Dey of Reckoning? Come on, help me name my articles.