AEW Rankings Week of July 23rd

I’ve decided to start a new weekly list (maybe just for myself) to rank my favorite AEW wrestlers over time. I found it interesting the other week that people who debuted, I hated, and people who I loved have lost their steam. So this will be a DEFINITIVE list of my rankings. Feel free to fight me!

Quick reminder, I am in love with AEW and have been here since the start. You can read all of our AEW, and wrestling in general, content here.

This week’s ratings are based about the last month or so, but specifically the Dark headlined by the tag match between The Butcher and The Blade vs. Peter Avalon/Brandon Cutler and Dynamite on the 22nd. There’s also recent history since this is my first list so if someone hasn’t appeared lately and they still make the list, that’s okay. This is a work in progress. Now – time for this week’s DEFINITIVE AEW Rankings:

  1. Adam “Hangman” Page – Adam Page was one of my least favorite wrestlers at first as I felt he was being pushed onto the new fans and I didn’t really know much about him. Since then, he’s only gone to become my favorite AEW wrestler right now. The storyline between he and Kenny Omega/the Elite was FIRE before COVID and still it’s ongoing and great. Plus I watched the AEW Unrestricted Podcast with Hangman and he’s just genuinely a great guy to talk to. I love it and I love him.

2. Leva Bates – I sincerely have enjoyed Leva Bates ever since she came to AEW; however, this week she just straight up dove off the apron onto the Butcher and then got hit with a suicide dive and smoked her head on the guardrail. Her manager role of Peter Avalon (and now Brandon Cutler) is next level. Plus, she is legit gorgeous which always gets bonus points in my eyes. Marry me, Leva.

3. Allie – I don’t want to sound crazy but right now my girl Allie is NEXT LEVEL! Allie is doing some seriously good work with Brandi Rhodes and QT Marshall (he’s now out with COVID) but her next level heel shit trying to be friends with the faces has me loving the story line. I am so in on wherever this is going. Dustin even saying “We all know you’re going to kick QT in the balls” tells them that we’ve seen this storyline before…but we don’t know how this could end! Slight worst since her husband is also in the company so she doesn’t really love QT.

4. Peter Avalon and Brandon Cutler – look, I didn’t like Avalon AT ALL when he debuted. He was annoying and not good at wrestling. But, then I realized he IS good at wrestling. He and Brandon Cutler are officially, according to my rankings, my favorite tag team right now. Oh, and neither one of them have ever won a match in AEW. Weird. But they’re doing amazing work right now as a loser tag team managed by Leva (above). I am so into their work every week on Dark.

5. Orange Cassidy – Look, I LOVE Orange Cassidy, but the lack of fans does hurt him a bit. He’s a character built on crowd reaction. That being said, his recent stuff with Chris Jericho has been wonderful. He can go. He’s exciting. He really just deserves a…thumbs up.

6. Britt, wait…Dr. Britt Baker – Do I love the women’s roster on AEW? Abso-freaking-lutely. Britt Baker has been out with an injury for a month or so now and she’s doing the best work of her career. Her weird relationship with Tony Schiavone and her “Roll” Model wheelchair are so great. She’s so good on the mic so this is great to keep her involved. Britt will be AEW Women’s Champ one day for sure.

7. Chris Jericho – Jericho probably shouldn’t be this low but here we are. Jericho isn’t necessarily a great wrestler anymore – but he’s doing such great mic work and he’s doing so much to help these younger guys. I absolutely love Jericho and always have. The fact that he’s continuing to do amazing work in his 50s makes me happy. I love you Demo God!

8. Jungle Boy – Jungle Boy is someone who I’ve always enjoyed but it’s been awesome to watch him grow as a wrestler. Luchasarus was always my favorite of Jurassic Express but now that honor goes to Jungle Boy. He’s athletic, he’s quick, he’s a great wrestler. His last 1:1 match with MJF was SO GOOD.

9. Kip Sabian/Penelope Ford – Look, they might be the hottest couple out there – but in the ring, they’re both pretty damn good also! Penelope has come a long way already in the last year and Kip is doing some really great things. He’s athletic as hell and cocky, but he’s good! I think he’s going to be a superstar one day.

10. Sammy Guevara – I’m putting Sammy on here. Listen, I get it. He’s suspended for saying something dumb. It was 4 years ago. You ever say anything dumb? Enough. I don’t support it but let it go. Sammy, in the ring, might be the hottest young superstar I’ve ever seen. His matches with Darby Allin have been fire. He’s fearless and I love it. Come back soon, Sammy!

HMS: MJF, Matt Hardy, FTR, Lee Johnson, Tony Schiavone, Hikaru Shida, The Young Bucks

Join me next time to see if any of the honorable mentions can crack the top 10 or if someone new jumps onto the list!