A Taste of Music

Music – it’s one of two things, right?  It’s either something that is boring and you don’t care or it’s your LIFE.  No in betweens.  Music is so powerful for me.  I used to be super into music and then life takes over and music disappears but I still try to stay connected.  Let’s take a quick recap on my music life and then I’m going to leave you with some of my current favorites for your listening (dis)pleasure.

So I’ve always really enjoyed music.  Ever since I went with my mom to one of her friend’s house and got my first EVER burnt CD. It was from a girl.  A GIRL MADE ME A MIXTAPE.  Let that sink in.  It had Devil Went Down to Georgia on it.  It was fire. I was meant to marry that girl (I didn’t).  I did; however, make mixtapes for girls until I finally met my soulmate.  Thank you Limewire.  Then, then it happened.  I met Craig Storie.  He claims to be a fan of the podcast but then he really just doesn’t ever come around. Is he a fan?  Is he a poser?  Hard to say. But Craig introduced me to REAL music. He had a website.  He posted music and had fans.  He was my idol (editor’s note – pick better idols).  But music became a large part of my life.  I still love music and some people don’t get it – I understand but damnit are you missing out.  I mean look – you thought people were missing out on pedicures? What about when a good song comes on? Look – you’ve never heard of any of these songs.  I guarantee it (my music taste is like my movie taste.  You’ve never heard of it and will hate it – but give me a chance here – Triangle was decent, right?!).  Let’s get to it:

Bazzi – Beautiful ft. Camila – this is the one you’ve heard of – if any.  I’ve been high on Bazzi since his days of Honest and Mine (Day One Ish right there).  But there’s something about this song.  When Camila jumps in on verse 2.  Damn.

Dean Lewis – Be Alright – this is just powerful.  I mean it’s not even happy –it’s just like damn, I got you Dean. You’re in a tough spot – we’ve all been there, right?  Vibe out to this.

Ruel – Younger – I don’t even know where this song came from.  I listened to it 4 times in a row the first time I heard it and just vibed the fuck out.  Seriously, if you only listen to one song on this list (for one, you suck….but) make sure it’s this one.  We can all relate.

Swae Lee and Post Malone – Sunflower – so this is something off the Spiderman soundtrack – maybe Andy already has this on lock – but this song is fucking good. Everyone knows Swae Lee and Post Malone but this is just a feel good joint.

Lauv – There’s No Way (Ft. Julia Michaels)– I don’t know what it is about this one. I’m a sucker for duets and Lauv and Julia Michaels kill it here.  Julia Michaels is EVERYWHERE and I love it.

Drop down and let me know what you think of these.  If you have any to share of your own, please do.  I’ll listen to anything once!  And Craig, fuck, holla at cha boi!