Kyle’s MoneyShot 9/12-9/16

Welcome back everyone! Last week was week 1 for our sports betting season and we went 7-5-1, which means we’re positive, which is good! But not great, it was really a tale of two sports, went 5-1 on NCAA (Including a perfect Saturday) but went 2-4-1 on NFL. Hand up – I know I need to be better. But that’s ok, it was week 1 in the NFL and now that we’ve had a week to see the teams we know a little more what to expect out of them but overall we still came out ahead for the week. And the MoneyShot won! (and who out there doesn’t love a good winning moneyshot?) so we have some good things to build on moving into week 2 so let’s get right into it!

Thursday Night Football: Carolina-6.5, Last week I was a YUGE dummy and thought that Jameis Winston could be fixed by Bruce Arians, turns out Arians is just a coach and not a god damn wizard with magic powers, at this point I don’t think even think Jesus Christ himself could perform the miracle of turning Jameis Winston into a competent NFL QB, and he could turn water into wine (#1 on the best party tricks of all-time list, but that’s another blog for another day) [I don’t whats going on in the NFL anymore and im going to bet a lot of money trying to figure it out]

Friday: Houston+8.5 and Over 75.5, This game is going to be awesome. It features two of the head coaches that I would most like to get a beer with (also another great blog idea) Dana Holgorson and Mike Leach.

Image result for dana holgorsen mike leach

These guys just epitomize football, they are not made of sugar, spice, and everything nice; but protein, smelling salts, and GRIT. When these two come together, it will be less of a football game, and more of a football love makin’ session. And the two things that will be born form this hot football passion will be a high scoring, close game. Take Houston+8.5 and the over.

Saturday: We have a jam packed slate on Saturday and here are some highlights:

Maryland-7, I don’t what the hell happened at Maryland over the summer, but they have fever and the only prescription is more touchdowns! Maryland is averaging 71(!!!) points per game this season, that won’t slow down this week.

Iowa State+115, An underdog in a rivalry game that College Gameday is at? That’s all I need to know

Purdue+120, I’m only betting on this game because I will be in attendance, but the only game I went to last year was Purdue vs. Ohio State, so do with that information what you will.

Oklahoma-23.5, As soon as Oklahoma step off the bus you might as well put a 50 up on the scoreboard, and I saw an interview with their QB Jalen Hurts this week where he talked about how after their last game he went to the weight room because all he can think about is putting in more work. I’ll take that all day, and I’ll probably put in a futures bet for him to win the Heisman.

Texas Tech-2.5, Texas Tech’s Offensive Coordinator looks just like Harry from Dumb and Dumber,

Image result for texas tech OC harry dumb and dumber

so you know he’s going to draw up some crazy plays that will give TTU the win.

Sunday: The perfect way to get over that college football hangover? A little bit of the hair of the NFL dog.

Chargers-2.5, the Chargers are good at football and the Lions are not, next game please.

Vikings+140, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think Kirk Cousins is going to beat Aaron Rodgers this Sunday, that Vikings defense looked like an impenetrable fortress last week and while the Packers did beat the Bears, Mitch Trubisky is about as qualified to be an NFL QB as I am.

Chiefs/Raiders Over 53, I will admit that I was wrong when I picked against the Raiders last week, they looked like an offense that can consistently and effectively move the ball and the chiefs will do what they do. We’re rooting for points in this one!

Eagles-1.5, My roommate bet on the Falcons last week and they played so bad he took a nap in the middle of the game, I will learn from his mistake and take the Eagles.

Monday: To the non-gambler this looks like a real stinker of a game, but when you’re hopelessly addicted, every game is a good one.

Jets+6.5 and the under– Add this to your list of Kyle’s Gambling Rules, Always Take a Home Dog on Monday Night. J-E-T-S ( I hate betting on the nfl right now)

And now for that oh so sweet MoneyShot:

Louisville-10, I don’t know if i was just that impressed by Louisville hanging around with Notre Dame in their first game of the season or what, but this line just popped out at me. Western Kentucky lost to a Division 2 team in week 1 and squeaked by longtime cupcake Florida International last week. Both teams are under 1st year head coaches and Lousiville seems be on track to right the wrongs that Bobby Petrino left them with. Plus, Louisville beat Eastern Kentucky 42-0 last week so might as well complete the sweep of directional Kentucky schools. Lock it in. (YEEHAW, THE MONEYSHOT IS A GUARANTEE)

That’s all for this week. Good luck out there everyone, don’t forget to leave comments below and follow along/reach out to me on twitter @KWallpe and the @OpinionsAnonPod account.

Thanks again! Let’s Get Rich.